Be part of a thriving, supportive postgraduate research community in the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies.​

​Our school has a strong tradition for research that reaches out across disciplines, and works to change society for the better. Well-qualified candidates have the opportunity to build their research career with support from experienced academics, and explore themes and ideas that go beyond one single subject.​

Students will be able to tap into links with other schools - from literature to economics - and apply for places on ongoing research projects that are contributing to new policy, new initiatives and new thinking.​

We also offer students valuable support in researching, writing and submitting their PhD thesis, as well as access to seminars, events, workshops, and conferences.

If you have a research proposal that you would like to discuss, or any questions about the Postgraduate research that goes on here, please contact our Postgraduate Research Director, Dr Sally Broughton Micova.

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