UEA prides itself on its various committee groups committed to continually improving working conditions for staff and enhancing our student experience. Our committee members come from all fields and areas of Language and Communication Studies, Philosophy and Political, Social and International Studies. In the table below you can find details of our committee members, the groups they are working within and the goals they are working towards achieving.


  • Lee Marsden
  • Jennifer Wilkinson
  • Leticia Yulita
  • Matthew Gooch
  • Helen Murdoch
  • Linda Cole
  • Roger Baines
  • Pierre Bocquillon
  • Chloe Joseph
  • Naan Wang
  • Ruth Vaughan

AP1.8 Reasons for Staff Leaving

AP 2.5 Transparency of recruitment to appointment panels and recruitment process.

AP 2.6 Shortlisting data for all recruitment

AP1.3 Review marketing and promotion PT PGT courses

AP1.4 Representation of female staff/students at UG and PGT applicant days for good role model visibility

AP1.5 Student portfolio scheme at PGT level, with rubrics on PGT to PGR progression

AP4.2 PPL student Career Portfolio gender equity-related rubrics (UG & PG)

AP4.5 Funding opportunities from the UEA Employability development fund for Widening Participation students

AP5.4 Outreach activities

  • Janosch Prinz
  • John Street
  • Xuejiao Wang
  • Alain Wolf

AP1.7 Post-doc fellowship scheme

AP4.6 Communication between PGR students and the rest of the School

AP4.7 Uptake of careers resources at PGR level

AP1.6 PPL ATS to ATR Status Transfer Policy

AP4.8 Support for collaborative work and research grant applications 

AP5.5 Engagement activities

AP6.1 AS in PPL webpage review and development

AP2.2 CSED/ Non-CSED PPL-funded training

AP4.4 Alumni links and networks

  • Alexandria Innes
  • Alfredo Castro Jimenez
  • Akiko Tomatsuri
  • Toby James

AP1.2 Review PT MA Courses

AP2.1 Flexible job options for new posts

AP4.9 Cover and support maternity and adoption leave

AP4.10 Flexible working

AP5.1 Representation of men and women on committees

AP5.2 Workload model

AP5.3 Visibility of role models

AP2.3 PPL Unconscious Bias training

AP4.3 PPL/ResNet and other events

  • Catherine Rowett
  • Kaoru Umezawa
  • Ben Little
  • Helen Warner

AP2.7 Comprehensive PPL Staff Handbook

AP2.8 Mentors for PPL Staff

AP2.9 Induction - enhancement and monitoring

AP4.1 Mentoring

AP2.4 Leadership training for PPL women

AP2.10 Staff promotion

AP2.11 Monitoring of promotion related actions

AP3.1 Appraisals

AP3.2 Career development activities