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Each year we hold an annual School of Computing Sciences Careers events which all students from the school are invited to. The event is a great opportunity for students to gain insight into what others who were previously in their shoes have done with their degrees since entering the world of work. At our event in March 2023, we invited three alumni students who shared their experiences in their careers so far, and answered questions from the audience. The speakers in 2023 were:

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In addition, to support employability, we send a weekly vacancy email (which has summer internships, work experience, student jobs, volunteering, Placement year and graduate opportunities.

We also send a monthly careers bulletin with events/extracurricular ideas and opportunities and initiatives to get involved in.

James Burling

James Burling

As a Master of Computing (MComp) student, I had the opportunity to propose and work on a dissertation project that proved to be a pivotal moment in my academic...

Daniel Igiebor

BSc Business Information Systems - Daniel Igiebor

I am two months into my graduate scheme/programme at Arbuthnot Latham & Co., Ltd, a Private Bank in London; my first rotation within the programme is working on...

James Campbell

BSc Computing Science - James Campbell

I work with customers from around the globe to identify their needs for cyber security and then help them to configure and adopt our products to give them the...

Alex Rattigan

BEng Computer Systems Engineering - Alex Rattigan

My main role is producing and reviewing code that runs on the Lotus Evija EV hypercar, controlling everything from interior mood lighting to main driving...

Matt Dalzell

BSc Computing Science - Matthew Dalzell

I code software which the company provides for our customers to use for free, (both monetarily and free of restrictions) to allow for the support of the hardware...

Hussein Wahedally

My UEA Story: M A Hussein Wahedally

M A Hussein Wahedally is a PhD researcher in applied statistics in the School of Computing Sciences with a degree in Actuarial Science. His research investigates...

uea broad and ziggurat

Year in Industry at Sizewell C. The experiences of a BSc Actuarial Science student

A key feature of studying actuarial science at UEA is the option of a year in industry. This helps students gain much valued practical experience and is viewed...



In 2017, I made the decision to pursue a degree in Computing Science as a mature student, despite being a non-native English speaker, a survivor of the Kosovo...