04 May 2023


During my time at UEA, I found the lab sessions to be incredibly valuable. They provided me with an opportunity to study problem solving, exchange ideas with my peers, and discover the many solutions that exist to any given problem. The lab TAs were always available to offer their insights, which I found to be very beneficial. 

I’m also grateful for the internship opportunity that UEA has provided me as an App Development Scrum Team Member during the summer of 2019. It gave me hands-on experience with the latest technology stack and proved to be very useful.

However, it was the final project that provided to be the most memorable experience of my time at UEA. It required me to plan something from scratch and communicate my ideas to others while incorporating feedback. I learned something every day while implementing my plan, which made me feel proud, valued and confident. Although I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time, the experience prepared me for the real-world requirements of the tech industry.

After graduation, I worked part-time on two project within UEA for 6 months. One of the projects was as a research associate developing a web/app application for a medical research project and the other was an award winning project that helped people book COVID-19 tests online. Both experiences helped me gain valuable experience and support my career.

Now, I work full-time as a lead software developer in a tech company located in Cambridge. I’m incredibly grateful for everything life has offered me, and I hope that my story can inspire others to pursue their goals, no matter how daunting they may seem.

School of Computing Sciences

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