04 May 2023

James Burling

As a Master of Computing (MComp) student, I had the opportunity to propose and work on a dissertation project that proved to be a pivotal moment in my academic and professional journey. The project focused on designing and programming a cyber security tool to identify vulnerabilities in computer systems.

Through the project, I was able to apply what I had learnt throughout my university course to a real-world problem. This experience allowed me to gain an in-depth knowledge of cyber security concepts and tools, as well as develop my ability for writing academic research and technical writing.

Furthermore, working on the project independently enabled me to develop my project management and time management skills. I take pride in my dissertation as one of my significant accomplishments. Overall, it gave me the confidence and skills I needed to pursue my passions in the field of cyber security.

This came to fruition when I completed a summer internship with one of the leading cyber security companies. The internship provided a hands-on experience in the field, exposing me to the latest AI technologies and approaches to protect businesses from cyber attacks. I utilised the knowledge and skills gained from the MComp course to successfully work alongside their team of professionals and produce tools to improve their workflow. At the end of the internship I accepted an offer of employment. My experience as an MComp student has been transformative, providing me the perfect foundation to excel in my future endeavours.

School of Computing Sciences

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