Workshop Workshop

Brexit: Recap, Rethink, Re-calculate (?) 

Monday 9 July 2018

Earlham Hall, University of East Anglia Law School 

The Brexit process signifies the most dramatic shift in the UK’s external relations in recent decades. The impact of Brexit on Britain’s industry is the biggest unknown; the negotiating parties (especially the UK) are keeping their cards close to their chests, leaving the rest of us speculating as for what kind of an arrangement, if any, will be achieved. The expected changes in regulation are likely to affect industries from a variety of angles, ranging from rules on competition, trade in services, investment, public procurement and more. Firms, on both sides of the Channel, are keen to unveil some of the mystery.

As the months go by and the end-date approaches, the UK government begins to drop (whether through speeches, white papers or leaks) early ‘hints’ as to what it aspires. These sporadic pieces of information also shed light (if only a glimmer) on what has not yet been discussed. Notably, it reveals how abstractive things currently are. It is clear that the details have not yet been discussed. There is no escaping however from the oft-used phrase – the devil is in the details. The negotiations will have to reach the highest possible resolution, untangling what can be considered as the highest form of international economic integration.

On July 9th, the University of East Anglia’s Law School will host a workshop on Brexit. Speakers will address selected topics that were identified as most relevant for the UK’s industry, including rules on competition, trade in services, investment, public procurement and more. They will be asked not only to identify needs, but also to speculate on preferable future pathways, providing useful advice and clarifications for those affected by the looming Brexit. Presenters will arrive from universities, think tanks and industry in order to paint a detailed map of the regulatory landmines that will have to be addressed.

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