Our School is fully committed to providing a fair and equal environment for work and study.

Our aim is to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion best practices are embedded in all areas of academic life. We cultivate a friendly and inclusive environment where differences are embraced, and everyone is encouraged to participate, progress and achieve. We continuously learn and build upon our knowledge to ensure we make positive changes for our students and staff and celebrate the growing diversity of our university.

The School of Economics is proud to be the first UK economics department outside of Scotland to receive an Athena SWAN Bronze Award for its efforts to promote gender equality and to address the challenges faced by the School and the discipline at large.

The Equality and Diversity in Economics Committee (EDE) dates back to 2014 when we embarked on a mission to record, monitor, review, and improve gender imbalances and remove systematic barriers in our discipline and community. Over the years our Terms of Reference broadened from a primary focus on gender to encompass diversity and inclusion; and our membership also expanded and currently it also includes external members to the School of Economics in addition to student, academic, and professional services members from the School.

The group meets regularly throughout the academic year to discuss progress made on our Athena Swan Action Plan and current issues relating to diversity and inclusion with the minutes of the meetings accessible to all staff. The Committee contributes a standing item on the agenda of other key School Committees: School Executives, School Board Meeting, Teaching Committee, Student Staff Liaison Committee, and Research Exec. The Committee also coordinates initiatives to promote and celebrate diversity and inclusivity and to support positive cultural change through training and sharing best practice. Some members of EDE act as representatives at the Royal Economic Society Diversity Network and UK Women in Economics Network.

Since 2019 the School of Economics has championed annual outreach activities aimed at female pupils in years 10-12. The event, titled Women in Economics (WinECO), was initiated by the EDE committee and supported by the Royal Economic Society (RES).

Watch the video on our first WinECO event to learn more about why we think it is important to actively support greater equality and diversity in economics.

Annual activities continue to take place in an online format. Read more about this years event.

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