Dr Lisa Taylor - Faculty Associate Dean - Employability Dr Lisa Taylor - Faculty Associate Dean - Employability

Lisa Taylor - Careers and Employability - Health SciencesWe take every individual student’s employability seriously within the School of Health Sciences (HSC) at UEA.

My Employability Lead role involves developing a programme of employability initiatives including curricular and extra-curricular activities in line with school, university and wider educational policies. We are continuously developing working relationships with employing and potential employing organisations.

We have very close relations with our UEA Careers Service, which in itself offers students a wide range of resources and sessions/events to enhance employability. Students have access to the Employability Development Fund which has been developed to enable eligible students to apply for a fund of up to £500 to help with the costs of undertaking a work experience opportunity or other activity to enhance their employability. It may be that the opportunity is unpaid, or there are additional costs such as that of travel or accommodation, which might otherwise prevent the experience from going ahead.

The UEA Award offers students the opportunity to achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold award for fulfilling employability related activities. Working in conjunction with the UEA Award, as a school we have developed the Employability Development Portfolio – which is an evidence-based tool for students to use throughout their studies to provide evidence for, and to support, employability development.

We continue to develop the employability initiatives that are on offer to our students to adapt to the changing landscape within health and social care. The emphasis is very much on students developing their employability throughout their studies to maximise their employability potential and employment options upon graduation.

These webpages have been developed to provide you with relevant employability information ranging from career information for your profession, careers services available here at UEA and an employability directory which provides you with information about what employing organisations and their local area have to offer you with some of our local Trust partners guaranteeing our students a job upon graduation (please note that the employability directory may not include all employing organisations in that area).

I hope you find our School Careers and Employability webpages informative –  contact me if you have any feedback.

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