Moving to a new city or starting at university can be a daunting experience, and nerves can build up ahead of your arrival. In the weeks before your arrival, you will likely ask yourself a million questions about what your uni experience will be like – but don’t worry, this is completely normal.  Here are some things students wish they had known before joining UEA. 

Don’t worry about getting everything right  
University is a bit of a juggling act, but don’t worry too much about mastering it right away. There’s a lot to balance, from studying, socialising, working, staying in touch with family and looking after yourself. Don’t get too stressed out with figuring it all out as soon as you arrive. 
Joining a club or society is a great way to make friends 
UEA Students’ Union - also known as uea(su) - offers lots of opportunities for you to enjoy student life away from the textbooks. All our student groups are run by students with loads of events taking place every day. Check out the virtual fair to find out more.  
Plan a budget 
This is a common one, but one that is so important. Start budgeting from August for all your upfront costs, food and then the social aspects you want to take part in.  
Top tip - overcalculate your spending so you will always have a little money left over. 
Explore campus early on  
As a large campus, you can spend 3 years here and still find a new part that you’ve never visited before. Make some time during Welcome Week to walk around and familiarise yourself with the different amenities that UEA has to offer: bars and coffee shops, buildings, the lake and launderette (find your favourite early on!).  
Spend some time on Blackboard  
Blackboard is UEA’s virtual learning platform that will host a lot of your course materials. There are also lots of additional courses, programmes and tools that can help with your work so it’s worth having a deep dive into what’s available to you.  
Check out student deals and second-hand books  
Campus cards will always come in handy when you want to do some online shopping, grab lunch with a friend and even give you discounts at the cinema. Always ask if they do student discounts – you never want to miss a chance to save some money! 
Plan your events  
Welcome Week will be full of in-person and virtual events, activities and student groups you can get involved in. Start planning early so you don’t miss anything you’re really interested in, and plan what events you want to attend over the semester.  
Learn to cook 
Learning to cook can save you so much money and can support a healthy diet while you’re studying and managing other commitments.  
Make the most of opportunities in your first year  
Here at UEA, the opportunities beyond your degree are almost limitless – whether you want to volunteer, learn a new skill or find a part time job – it’s best to start early. UEA CareerCentral and uea(su) have loads of information on different opportunities.  
Find out what support is available  
University can undoubtedly be a stressful time and it’s important to be aware of what support is out there before things get out of hand. There are lots of services at UEA provided by Student Services and the Student’s Union – so make sure you take some time to find out more before the semester properly begins.