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This is the website of the research project on the Use Of Big Health And Actuarial Data For Understanding Longevity And Morbidity Risks.

The project is funded by Institute and Faculty of Actuaries for 4 years from October 2016.

The main objectives of this project are the development of novel statistical and actuarial methods for modelling mortality, modelling trends in morbidity, assessing basis risk and evaluating longevity improvement based on Big Health and Actuarial Data.

Longevity and morbidity risks are of essential importance to the actuarial community. Longevity is increasing considerably both in developed and developing countries, including the UK. We believe that to be able to establish the drivers of this change, and to predict how they may change over time and how this would affect life expectancy, actuarial researchers need to engage in statistical modelling of mortality experience using large scale population-based individual level data collected over the long term. Big Actuarial Data such as the CMI data are then required to translate the results to the reference population of relevance to the actuarial community.

The multidisciplinary UEA/Aviva team led by Prof Elena Kulinskaya includes actuaries, statisticians, health economists, computer scientists and medical researchers. The funding supports three PhD students and a postdoctoral researcher.

The models, results and tools developed in this project will be openly available.