The development of new ideas, methods, processes and models, and their translation into meaningful outcomes for society, has always been at the very heart of UEA.

We find answers and innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems – enriching our understanding of the past and present to build a better and more sustainable and liveable future for everyone. 

We will intensify research around our three strategic themes:

  • ClimateUEA is concerned with our collective climate story during this critical decade for our planet. We have led the way in climate research for 50 years, breaking new ground in understanding the global climate system and its interaction with society.
  • CreativeUEA was born out of our belief that creativity is central to our human existence; it builds on UEA’s longstanding culture of creativity to deliver new areas of interdisciplinary research, innovation, knowledge exchange and impact.
  • HealthUEA is centred around our deep-rooted reputation for high quality research, innovation and impact in medicine, health and life sciences; it seeks to address crucial global health challenges and their social and economic underpinnings. 

We will take the opportunity to evaluate adding future themes.

To achieve this, we will:

  1. Extend our research base. We are ambitious about improving the quality and quantity of our research and innovation. We will support our researchers and innovators to access external funding, allowing us to break new ground with world-leading impact. We will enable all our staff to realise their full potential, including implementing equality, diversity and inclusion principles. We will recruit and retain highly talented researchers.
  2. Build our collaboration with Norwich Research Park partner organisations. By working collaboratively with our Park partners, we will extend the range and quality of our research especially in the areas of food, nutrition and health.
  3. Increase the economic benefits and impacts of our research and innovation. Much of our research is of an applied, near market nature. We plan to expand our capability to exploit our excellent research more fully by building impact into projects from the outset and developing the people and processes to draw out greater commercial value and other wider benefits.
  4. Enhance our international reputation. UEA is engaged in many areas of high-quality global research and collaborates with some of the best teams on several continents. We will ensure that the quality of our contribution is appropriately represented by key international reputational markers (e.g. league table ranks) and by doing so further raise our international profile.