UEA is a well-established and very high-quality provider of higher education, operating significantly above baselines.

A UEA education is characterised by the interdisciplinary opportunities and experiential learning approaches leading to excellent graduate outcomes for many of our students. Our campus and facilities deliver excellent support and co-curricular opportunities in a safe and supportive community.

Students join us from diverse backgrounds, experience an inclusive curriculum and study environment, and leave us with the education and skills to progress and navigate a lifelong working and learning journey.

We will advance the education of the next generation of outstanding graduates using progressive approaches to address key issues of our changing world.

To achieve this, we will:

  1. Raise student performance further to deliver an outstanding experience and outcomes. We will improve the consistency of outcomes across the full range of indicators, subject areas and student groups, and do our very best to ensure all students have good opportunities to succeed.
  2. Widen access, participation and success. We are fully committed to serving the needs of our regional community and want to do everything we can to raise local aspirations and skills, and through them deliver economic advantage. We will enhance our widening participation activities to recruit more students from diverse backgrounds and deliver inclusive opportunities and support, enabling success for all throughout their learning journey.
  3. Grow student numbers. We believe we can achieve greater efficiencies and economies of scale by increasing the size of our student population. Competition for UK students is likely to remain high within the next few years and so we will develop our apprenticeships and grow international student numbers, through articulation agreements and Transnational Education activities with selected high-quality universities.
  4. Implement a new, innovative teaching model. We believe a new, radical model is required to enhance quality and deliver long term financial sustainability. We will ensure our course portfolio is up to date and market focused, curricula are based on best practices (including international perspectives), greater use of Technology-Enhanced Learning is incorporated where appropriate, and a team-based approach is developed for the delivery our courses.
  5. Invest in our staff to deliver transformational educational experiences. Our academic staff are the central and most critical component of our teaching. We will invest in and nurture UEA academics, providing a stimulating and rewarding career structure to drive enhancement in our teaching and learning.