A publication scheme is a guide that describes the information a public authority publishes or intends to publish. The intention of the scheme is to ensure that a significant amount of information is easily and routinely available. 

Model publication scheme for higher education

The Information Commissioner's Office published an updated 'model publication scheme' for organisations in 2015 and an updated 'definition document for universities and other higher education institutions' in 2021.

These documents set out the types of information universities are expected to publish. The University of East Anglia has adopted this model publication scheme and is committed to publishing the information it describes, as guided by the definition document and the terms of the Act itself. 

Information covered by the publication scheme

This publication scheme is intended to provide a guide to the information that the University publishes, and should not be considered a definitive list. To access the information available via the publication scheme, simply select each class of information. More information can be found using the search functionality on the menu bar.

Information relating to the organisation, structures, location and contacts of UEA. 


   Class  Description


Legal Framework

The Charter and Student Charter, Statutes and Ordinances can be found on the UEA Calendar.


How the institution is organised

Details of Visitor and Principal Officers of the University can be found on the UEA Calendar.

Information regarding Boards and Committees can be found on the UEA Calendar and on the Council and its sub-committees web pages.

The Faculty structure is available on the web.

Details of department structures can be found on individual web pages:


Location and contact details

Location, travel information and a campus map can be found on the Information for Visitors web pages.

Individual Schools and departments hold their location and contact details within the 'Contact Us' section.

A telephone and email search facility can be found by searching the site in the bar above.


Lists of information

A list of University Subsidiary companies and University Associate Companies can be found within the financial statements

A list of Associate Colleges and Partner Colleges can be found on the Partnerships Office web pages.


Student activities

Information about the University's Student Union including clubs, associations and non-academic activities can be found on the Student Union web pages.


Information on spending within the publication scheme 

This section covers information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit. Information that may damage the University's commercial interests is excluded from the publication scheme

  Class Description


Information on the sources of funding and income, such as Funding Council grants, tuition fees, rents and investment income can be found within the financial statements.


Financial statements, budgets and variance reports

Budgetary and account information is contained within the financial statements.


Financial audit reports

The financial audit reports are available within the financial statements.


Capital Programme

Information regarding the University's capital programme can be found in the Resourcing the vision: Facilities and Environment' section within the UEA Corporate Plan 2016-2020.


Financial regulations and procedures

Information regarding the Universities financial regulations and procedures are available on the Finance and Procurement web pages.


Staff allowances and expenses

Information will be available in due course within our Publication Scheme Additional Information web page.


Staff pay and grading structures

Current pay rates are available on the Staff benefits web pages.


Register of suppliers

Information regarding suppliers is currently accessible in print and is available on demand. Contact the The Procurement team for information.


Procurement and tender procedures and reports

UEA's procurement policy and information regarding tender procedures are currently accessible in print and are available on demand. Contact the Finance department for information.



Details of contracts over £139,893 (not including VAT) are published by Tenders Electronic Daily.

Information regarding contracts lower than £139,893 (not including VAT) are currently accessible in print and are available on demand. Contact the Finance department for information.


Information on strategies, plans, performance, audits, inspections and reviews.





Annual report

The Annual financial report can be found within financial statements pages 


Corporate and business plans

The University's corporate plan is available on the UEA Plan web pages.


Teaching and learning strategy

Teaching and Learning strategies can be found within the document library section of the Learning and Teaching Service committee web pages.


Academic quality and standards

Information on the institution's internal procedures for assuring academic quality and standards can be found on the Publication Scheme Additional Information web page


Privacy impact assessment

Privacy Notices are available on the Data Protection pages 


External and internal audit; review information

The information will be available in due course within our Publication Scheme Additional Information web pages.

  • Code of Practice on Assuring and Enhancing Teaching Quality

  • Course review 

  • External examiners

  • QAA Audit

Information regarding the results of the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) can be found on the Research web pages.


Corporate relations

The Business web pages and the Research web pages contain information regarding the University's links with employers.

The UEA service for enhancing student progression and employability can be found on the Careers web pages.

Details of the University's engagement with the community can be found on the Corporate Social Responsibility web pages.


Government and regulatory reports

 Information regarding the QAA Audit can be found within the Publication Scheme Additional Information web page. 


Compliance with duties under the Equality Act 2010

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion web pages contain information regarding the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED).


Information relating to our decision making processes and records of decisions





Minutes from governing body, Council, Senate, academic boards and steering groups

The UEA Committee Office is primarily responsible for the management of the statutory committees of the University including the Council and the Senate.

The minutes of these committees are accessible from the Council and its sub-committees web pages.

The Standing Orders of the Faculty Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee is accessible from the Learning and Teaching Committee web pages.

Information regarding Faculty Learning and Teaching Committees and School Boards is currently accessible in print and available on demand. Contact Faculty or School administrator for information.


Teaching and Learning committee minutes

The minutes of the Teaching and Learning Committee are accessible from the Learning and Teaching Committee web pages.


Minutes of staff/student consultation meetings

Information regarding staff/student liaison committee minutes is accessible in print and available on demand. Contact the relevant School administrator for information.


Appointment committees and procedures

The Standing Orders of the Honorary and Appointments Committee is accessible from the Council and its sub-committees web pages. Further information is in print and available on demand. Contact details are available on the Senate web pages. 


Current protocols, policies and procedures for our services and responsibilities

  Class Description


Policies and procedures for conducting University business


Codes of practice and procedural rules can be found within the Statutory, Legal and Policies web pages.

Procedures for handling requests for information can be found on the Freedom of Information web pages.


Procedures and policies relating to academic services 


The current student section of the University Policies web pages contain information covering all aspects of a student's University journey, including:

  • Enrolling on modules

  • Assessment

  • Academic appeals and complaints

  • Equal opportunities

  • Discipline and professional misconduct and unsuitability.

Regulations for all categories of courses, including information on student assessment, can be found on the UEA Calendar.


Procedures and policies relating to student services

The UEA Calendar contains the following regulations:

  • Admission requirements for UG and PGT programmes.

  • General regulations for students

  • Submission of work for assessment

  • Student accommodation

  • Disciplinary

  • Complaints

  • Academic complaints

  • Academic appeals

Student Services policy documents are available from the University Policies web pages.

Further details regarding undergraduate and postgraduate admissions can be found on the University Policies web pages.

The Student Records web pages contain details relating to registrations and student records.

The Accomodation web pages contain information regarding accommodation in student residences.


Procedures and policies relating to human resources

The Employee Information section of the UEA Staff benefits web pages contain information regarding:

  • Terms and conditions of employment

  • Consultation with trade unions

  • Grievance procedures

  • Disciplinary procedures

  • Harassment and bullying guidelines

  • Public interest disclosure policy

  • Family friendly policies

  • Probation, appraisal and staff development policies and procedures

  • Equal opportunities and diversity

  • Health and wellbeing

The Centre for Staff and Educational Development web pages on My UEA contain information regarding: 

  • University policy for staff and development training

  • Induction

  • Appraisals


Pay policy statements

Information will be available in due course within our Publication Scheme Additional Information web page. 


Procedures and policies relating to recruitment

The Human Resources web pages contain information regarding policy, statements, procedures and guidelines relating to recruitment.

Current vacancies are listed on the Careers at UEA web pages.


Code of conduct for members of governing bodies

The document 'UEA Council: Guidance for members' is accessible online from the Council web pages. 

The University expects members of Council to abide by the Guide for Members of Governing Bodies of Universities and Colleges in England and Northern Ireland.


Equality and diversity

The Equality & Diversity Office web pages contain policies, statements, procedures and action plans relating to the provision of equal opportunities with respect to age, race/ethnic origin, gender, religion and belief, sexual orientation, and disability.


Health and safety

Information regarding the University's health and safety policy can be found on the Health and Safety web pages.


Estate management

The Estates web pages contain information regarding:


Complaints Policy

 Our general regulations web pages contain information on the following

  1. Non-academic complaints
  2. Academic complaints

The Human Resources web pages on My UEA contain policies and procedures governing complaints and grievances by staff.


Records management and personal data policies

The Information Services web pages contain information regarding:


Fire plans

The Health and Safety pages contain information regarding

  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans


Research policy and strategy

The Research and Innovation Services' Research Integrity webpages contain information regarding the University's:

  • Research Ethics Policy

  • Guidelines for good practice in research

  • Procedures for dealing with allegations of misconduct in research 

The Membership of the University Research Ethics Committee (U-REC) and its Terms of Reference are also available from the Research Integrity webpages on My UEA.


Publicly funded research outputs and data

The information regarding the University's research outputs and data can be found in the following documents;


Charging regimes and policies

The Requests for Information web pages contain information regarding charges for information made routinely available.


Information covering information on the university's current lists and registers

  Class Description


Any information that we are legally required to hold in publicly available registers

The University's notification of its uses of personal data is hosted externally by the Information Commissioner's Office in the Public Register of Data Controllers.


Asset registers

Information regarding capital assets is accessible in print and available on demand. Contact the Estates, Property and Facilities Division for information.


Information asset register

Information will be available in due course within the Publication Scheme Additional Information web page.



Information will be available in due course within the Publication Scheme Additional Information web page


Disclosure logs

The Disclosure log is available on the Freedom of Information web page.


Any register of interests kept in the HEI

Information will be available in due course within the Publication Scheme Additional Information web page.


Register of gifts and hospitality provided to senior staff

Information will be available in due course within the Publication Scheme Additional Information web page. 


Senior staff's declaration of interests

Information will be available in due course within the Publication Scheme Additional Information web page.


This section covers information about the services we offer 

  Class Description



The University provides online details regarding the full Prospectus of available courses 


Services for outside bodies

Information regarding services offered by the University can be found on the Facilities web pages.


Course content

Information regarding undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses can be found on the relevant course pages.


Course fees

Information regarding tuition fees and other charges can be found on the Tuition Fees web pages.


Funding, such as grants and bursaries

Information regarding bursary and scholarship schemes can be found on the fees and funding section.


Services for which the University is entitled to recover a fee


Information and charges for academic transcripts and replacement UEA degree certificates can be found on the Student Records Office web pages

 Tuition fees can be found Fees and Funding on the web pages.

Information regarding requests under the Data Protection Act can be found on the Data Protection DPA web pages.

Information regarding external membership of the Library can be found on the external borrowers section on the Visit our Library page.

Information regarding nursery services can be found on the Nursery web pages.


Welfare and counselling

Information relating to students can be found on the Wellbeing Services web pages

Information for staff can be found on the Staff Benefits web page.


Health including Medical services


Information regarding the following services can be found online:



Information regarding careers can be found on the Careers Centre web pages.


Chaplaincy services

Information regarding chaplaincy services can be found on the Faith Centre web pages.


Sports and recreational facilities

Information regarding sports and recreational facilities can be found on the Sports Park web pages.


Facilities relating to music, art and other cultural activities


Information regarding events organised by the Union of UEA Students at the UEA, the Waterfront and other venues can be found on the UEA Box Office web pages.
The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art is located at the UEA.

The UEA Music Centre organise a range of music events.


Museums, libraries, special collections and archives


The UEA Library page contains information regarding:

  • Library services

  • Special Collections

  • Archives

The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art is located at the UEA.


Conference facilities

Information regarding conference facilities can be found in the Conferences and Events web page


Advice and guidance


The student support at UEA web pages are a gateway to information for students.

The staff services web pages are a gateway to information for staff.


Media releases

Press releases and media coverage can be found on the news web pages.


Information not covered by the publication scheme

Any information not included in this scheme may still be accessible under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please contact the Information Compliance team at foi@uea.ac.uk or view the requests for information page.

Copyright statement

Copyright over all the information listed within the publication scheme is owned by the University of East Anglia.


The Model Publication Scheme we have adopted allows us to levy charges for the provision of information in order to recover our costs. However, our policy is not to charge fees to recover costs of providing the information. All online and printed material is provided free of charge.