The University routinely publishes large amounts of information.

Our Publication Scheme lists the types of information we make routinely available. Our responses to previous Freedom of Information and Environmental Information requests are also published on our Disclosure Log.

Before submitting a request please check these links to see whether the information you require is already available.

To request information that does not seem to be available, please email, stating your name, contact address and details of the information you require. Alternatively, you can complete the Online Requesting Information form.

Requests for proof of study should be directed to


When we receive your request we will start a search for the information you need. If we are unsure what information you require, we will contact you as soon as possible to clarify your request. The 20 working day period for responding to a request will only start once we understand what information you require.

If we already publish the information, we will send you details of how to find the information.

Some information may be exempt from disclosure. Should this be the case, we will provide what information we can and also explain why the exempted information has not been released.

If you need any advice on your request, or you are unhappy with our response, please email the Information Compliance team, at

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, people have the right to request any information that is held by the University. The University has 20 working days to deal with a request.

Requests must be submitted in writing (e.g. letter or email) and include the name and contact address of the requester. The request needs to be clear and unambiguous, so that we can identify what information is needed.

All recorded information is covered, including all digital and print records, but there are situations where information is not required to be released, or should not be released due to exemptions. 

If the requested information constitutes a dataset, as defined by the Act, then the University will supply that dataset in a reusable form, so far as reasonably practicable. If the University owns the copyright contained in that dataset it will be provided under the terms of a specific licence, usually the Open Government Licence (OGL).

The Information Commissioner's Office publishes helpful guidance on people's rights under FOIA.

Yes. Tell us how you would like to receive the information, and we will do our best to provide the information in that format. If the information held by the University consists of, or forms part of a dataset, the University will, so far as reasonably practicable, provide that information in a reusable electronic format, based on open standards (e.g. a Comma Separated Value' (CSV) file). Any datasets released under FOI will also be licensed so you will know how you can use and reuse the information they contain.

No, there is no specific limit. But if you submit a lot of requests in a short period of time, we may aggregate them together for the purposes of assessing costs.

No. If the request is likely to be particularly burdensome the public authority has the option to charge for the request, but the policy at UEA is not to charge. Instead, we would refuse your request but help you to rephrase it so we can provide a response.

Contact the University at within 40 days of date of the response letter. While not strictly speaking required, it would be helpful if you could point out what you are unhappy about.

Under data protection law you have a right of access to information the University holds about you.

To request information about yourself, please read our guidance on making a subject access request