Where could I work?​

Employers include the health service, education and independent practice, and a wide range of settings including hospitals (for inpatient or outpatient groups), community clinics, homes, mainstream and special schools, courtrooms, prisons and young offenders’ institutions.​

You will be required to travel between client appointments, so access to your own transport and a driver’s licence is useful.​

What would my starting salary be?​

Most jobs in the NHS are covered by the Agenda for Change pay scales and as a recently graduated speech and language therapist you will usually start at Band 5. Pay and conditions will vary depending upon your employer and competitive rates are offered throughout the independent education and voluntary sectors. You should always check with the employer to confirm the pay rate for any post for which you are applying.​

What hours would I be working?​

37.5 hours per week will be standard, although you may work evening and weekends to suit independent clients. Outside of the NHS your hours will be dependent on where you work – a school-based therapist may work largely during term-time and fit within the school days, while an independent therapist working with adult clients may work evenings and weekends to meet demand.​

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