The School of Computing Sciences is committed to having a continuing impact through its work. We provide consultancy through SYS Consulting Ltd and work with a number of companies, businesses, schools and government agencies.


CAVACAVA project

The CAVA project (CAVA stands for Continuous Ambulatory Vestibular Assessment) aims to overcome the limitations of the current tests for the causes of dizziness by developing a wearable dizziness monitor from which an accurate diagnosis can be made. The device records eye movement signals from the patient’s head ‘24/7’ and these signals are later analysed using deep-learning software developed in CMP for signs of nystagmus, a flickering of the eyes (usually horizontal but occasionally vertical or torsional) that accompanies vestibular dysfunction. Since 2017, we have shown that our device can detect dizziness and we are now extending its functionality to diagnose dizziness conditions: we are also commercialising it.



DockITDockIt project

DockIT is a tool that has a unique set of physical and graphical features for interactive molecular docking. It enables the user to bring a ligand and a receptor into a docking pose by controlling the ligand position, either with a mouse and keyboard, or with a haptic device. Atomic interactions are modelled using molecular dynamics-based force-fields with the force on the ligand being felt on a haptic device. Real-time calculation and display of intermolecular hydrogen bonds and multipoint collision detection either using maximum force or maximum atomic overlap, mean that together with the ability to monitor selected intermolecular atomic distances, the user can find physically feasible docking poses that satisfy distance constraints derived from experimental methods. With these features and the ability to output and reload docked structures it can be used to accurately build up large multi-component molecular systems in preparation for molecular dynamics simulation

For further information please visit the HaptiMOL site.



MyEvolutionMyEvolution logo

MyEvolution is an online platform to allow for students and workers in the healthcare sector to record, showcase and record career progress. The project is currently being developed in the school for UEA’s healthcare students and alumni but has the potential to be offered as a commercial product to other organisations in higher education and health and social care. MyEvolution provides the following features; On line forums, Living CV, Portfolio builder, NMC and HCPC revalidation repository and jobs and crucially CPD links. It combines functions to be used by a student with those that will have continued value after graduation, strengthening the link between UEA and its alumni.

Users will use MyEvolution to access UEA-developed self-reflection materials and reflect on their personal attributes and values. It will store any document, note or image, thereby supporting an individual through the statutory revalidation/reregistration process required by Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered professions. It will be able to identify both statutory CPD requirements and solutions, including UEA courses, to the individual as their career progresses while also providing the individual with a repository to store the evidence required.