UEA accommodation includes rooms which have been adapted for use by students with disabilities. These rooms are integrated in flats with non-adapted rooms, rather than being located together in a specific area.

If you have a disability, we encourage you to declare this in your accommodation application. We ask you to do this because informing us of your disability and any necessary accommodation adaptations will help us to make the most appropriate room allocation for you. In most instances, an appropriately adapted room will already be available; if this is not the case, we will consider making further adaptations to meet your needs, where it is possible to do so.

In order to make appropriate accommodation allocations for students with disabilities, we work closely with colleagues in the Disability Service within Student Services. Please contact them to disclose your disability and provide any relevant medical evidence. If you provide evidence to the Disability Team, you do not need to provide the same evidence to the Accommodation Office.

General Information

  • If you require a live-in carer, please inform us of this in your accommodation application. We will allocate your carer the room next to yours.
  • If you require a sharps or clinical waste bin, it is your responsibility to provide this item.
  • If you require a desktop fridge in your room for the storage of medication, or for storage of food because you have severe food allergies, you must provide medical evidence to the Disability Team or the Accommodation Office. It is your responsibility to provide the fridge and to remove it from residences when you move out.
  • If you have a severe food allergy or other condition and would like the Accommodation Office to notify your flatmates, please email us to give your consent and provide a message for us to send to your flatmates. Please do this after you have accepted your room offer. The Accommodation Office will not make your flatmates aware of your condition without your express consent.


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