Jessica Hothersall Jessica Hothersall




BSc Psychology


Hypnotherapy Diploma 2008; NLP certificate 2008; Cognitive Behavioural Certificate (UEA) 2009.

Could you let us know a little about your background and your motivation for returning to learning?
I qualified as a Hypnotherapist in 2008 and found that clients and others tended to assume I had a degree. I didn't. One of my four children had already finished University and two more were current students. After studying the CBT course here I began to wonder if I could do a degree too.

I had to make a quick decision, as in order to get funding I had to start before I was 60, so it galvanised me into action.

Could you tell us what you particularly enjoy about your course?
My tutors are good - they always have seem to have time if you need something clarified. We have some extra-curricular lectures which I attend as well, usually very interesting and often loosely related to our work.

I really enjoy the atmosphere of learning and the expansion of ideas and knowledge. This year the younger students seem more familiar too as we work on projects together more.

Thinking back to when you first arrived at the University, how easy or difficult did you find it and why?
I found settling onto the course difficult – until I realised that the academic trouble I was having, particularly with stats and essays, was down to dyslexia. The university assessed me, and I got a Disabled Student Grant which paid for a laptop with special programmes in it, and one to one help from the Dean of Students. The University really bent over backwards to help me.

Please could you tell us about your career plans or goals for the future?
I will continue as a Hypnotherapist, but am likely to take an interest in research too, as that is in somewhat short supply in the Hypno world. Hopefully after all these essays I will be able to write a book or books even? That is my intention.

How would you describe Norfolk? 
A very attractive place to live.  Norwich castle is beautiful, especially when lit up at night and there are sundry outdoor events in summer well worth going to. The coastline is lovely too with plenty of sandy beaches and shallow water. A friend of mine found herself face to face with a seal when swimming off Waxham Sands camp site a year or two ago!