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What should I bring with me to university? Trey, Bulgaria


Our Answer:

When packing for university the biggest piece of advice we can offer is to pack lightly. Your room may not be as big as the bedroom you have at home, and the space will be limited. In halls you will be sharing with many others, and through social media you could plan who brings what. When packing, it is essential you don't all end up with multiple kitchen items such as pots, pans, glasses, and kettles - and nowhere to store them! 

Whether you end up studying in Norwich at UEA, or another university city, there will be plenty of budget shops and supermarkets around to purchase the items that you need once you arrive. Most importantly remember your first year soon flies by, and you will end up packing it all up and transporting it back again sooner than you know it! 

Our accommodation website offers a guide for what to pack, which includes bedding, towels and toiletries, clothes and shoes, books for your course, your laptop or mobile devices, and electrical items such as an iron, hairdryer or shaver. 

Most universities have a pots and pans sale of some sort when you move in, where it sells the household items left behind by the previous occupiers of accommodation. Many universities also have a bike sale for those looking for a convenient method of transport to get around.  

When we asked our current students and alumni for some tips, they advised to bring with you some biscuits and a doorstop to make yourself seem as sociable as possible for your first week. Remember your first few months at UEA will be some of the coldest months of the year - so pack extra socks, a hot water bottle, and a warm coat. And bring some fancy dress items too, it's key to a good night out! 

Make sure you read up on what you cannot bring too, this will be detailed in the induction information you are provided with before arriving. In the same pack is likely to be information about what documents you need to bring. This could include your passport, student loans documentation, exam certificates, and appropriate ID.

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