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How easy is it to make friends at University? Ali, Wales


Our Answer:

Making friends can be a daunting prospect, whatever your age, background or lifestyle. Some of us find it easier than others, but the thing to remember is that there will always be someone else feeling the way you do! 

Just by being at University, you are already part of a 'network', but there are lots of things you can do to increase your chances of making friends and getting to know people.  

  • Be brave and say hi - Why not introduce yourself to someone on your course - asking them where they're from and how they're finding university so far can be a great ice-breaker. 
  • Join a club - Most universities have a range of societies and clubs for students to join, to share common interests and hobbies. UEA has a wide range - take a look at our clubs and societies to see what you could become part of.
  • Attend an event - Events are often held in universities to welcome new and existing students, providing advice, a bit of fun, and a chance to get to know people. If you're lucky, you might even pick up some free goodies! 
  • Try something new - It's tempting to hide away or over-think things when you're feeling vulnerable or nervous, but sometimes just saying yes to an opportunity, or trying something new can boost your confidence, and open doors you never new existed.  

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