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What's the Nap Nook? Steph, Southampton


Our Answer:

The Nap Nook at UEA is the UK's first designated napping centre in a university setting. The first university in the world to launch it was James Madison University in the US and our Student Union takes credit for being the first to bring one to a UK university. It is designed as a place for students to "recharge their batteries" in a healthy and safe environment. 

Students at UEA have the opportunity to reserve a place in advance, or simply walk-in, to enjoy forty minutes of peace and quiet. It is based upstairs within Union House in the heart of our campus. The room is fitted out with bean bags, sofa beds, anti-microbial pillows, eye masks, and blackout curtains. The room is monitored by CCTV. 

At the time of launching the Nap Nook the Student Union's Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer Holly Staynor said the opportunity for extra sleep would bring "massive positive impacts". 

She said: "We're talking better alertness, huge increases in memory capacity and ultimately scientific proof that we get better grades." 

Appointments are restricted to allocated 40-minute slot in a bid to promote health napping. Those who are looking to rest for longer are advised to head back to their own rooms.

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