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Are there Ethernet cables in each room? Jack, Derry


Our Answer:

Good question!

If your device doesn’t have a wireless connection, or you’d simply prefer not to use WIFI, you’ll be pleased to know you can tap straight into our wired network via Ethernet ports available in all UEA residences. Of course, it goes without saying you’ll need an Ethernet cable to connect but don’t worry if you forget to bring one – we’ve got you covered – there should be a cable in your room on arrival, but if not you can collect one from our Accommodation Office.

The first time you connect to the UEA network, you’ll need to register your PC or laptop using your UEA username and password (provided at registration) and then you’re good to go! However, if you do have any trouble connecting, we’re always on hand to help; just give the lovely folks on our IT Service Desk a call or visit them in the Library any day of the week.

And don’t forget, our WIFI network is available across campus so wherever you go you’ll have access to the internet!

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