Why did we decide to make #AskUEA?

We want to give you an easy way of asking any question you want about different aspects of student life and going to university. Your question doesn’t have to be about UEA, we've designed this to deal with anything you want to know about university.

We also fancy a challenge!  We'll try and answer any question you send to us as honestly as we can.  We've got access to all manner of experts, all waiting for you to test them.

How does #AskUEA work?

It's really simple, you ask us a question.  If we haven't already answered it, our team of university boffins will start working on the most thorough answer they can. 

Depending on what you ask, we will have an answer for you within a few hours to a few days. Don’t worry – we will get back to you! 

When your answer is live on our website we'll email or send you a tweet.  So make sure you give us your correct details!  

Who will answer my questions?

That all depends on what you’re asking. We'll cajole the brightest minds in the university to give us the best answer to your question. 

This could be someone from our Admissions or Higher Education team or one of our past or present students.

If it's the real gossip you're after then the @TheUEArabbit might be the place we need to go. 

Take a look at our Meet the Team page to see who's answered questions so far.

Can I really ask anything?

Yes, within reason.  #AskUEA is there to answer questions about student life and university. It’s primarily there for people who are looking to go to university in the next few years. We also ask you to keep it clean – please don’t cause any of our team to blush by asking anything rude, anything containing profanity, or anything discriminatory. If you do, we may not be able to answer.

So, what won't you answer?

#AskUEA is not there to deal with questions related to applications or personal circumstance.  We’re also not able to help with Freedom of Information requests (but will pass these on to the right people at UEA) or to give you gig times or to find out how your best friend is settling in. 

You could also visit our Contact Us page to find the right person to contact.


Terms and Conditions

By asking a question, you are giving your permission for the University of East Anglia to:

  • Post your question with its answer on the publicly-accessible AskUEA section of www.uea.ac.uk
  • Display your first name and general location alongside your question and its answer on www.uea.ac.uk
  • Contact you via Twitter to let you know your answer is live, if you have included a Twitter handle in your question submission
  • Include your question, first name and general location in official University publications and publicity material (print, digital and social media) for Marketing purposes, including but not limited to the University’s prospectuses, Annual Report, internal newsletter, course leaflets, advertisements, web site, social media sites and the on-line photo library, with any reasonable editing
  • Contact you via Twitter or Email to follow up on a question asked via the AQA

At any time, you can contact us to remove your question from the site. Please contact us at marketing@uea.ac.uk. If you have any questions or concerns about how we’ve used your information contact dataprotection@uea.ac.uk.

We will aim to reply to your question within a few hours, to a few days, depending on what it is. Some questions we receive might be more suited to a more detailed response from our Enquiries Team, or someone else in the UEA community. If it’s more of a Freedom of Information question (not really about student or university life), we’ll pass this on to the team who handle these requests. If this is the case, we will let you know and get back to you.

We reserve the right to refuse to answer any explicit, degrading or discriminatory questions.