Returned Ambassadors 2019 Returned Ambassadors 2019

Meet our team of ambassadors who have just returned from studying abroad in the 2018-19 academic year.

You will meet them at our Study Abroad events or working at the Study Abroad reception in the Arts HUB. They’re happy to share their experiences so if you want a student’s perspective on Study Abroad, come and speak to one of them!

Andrea Andrea

I’m Andrea Sarki and I spent my year abroad at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.  

It was as easy as it was difficult; the biggest lesson I learned is that one, or even a few, hardships will not end your world unless you let them. Singapore offered me all kinds of 'new' but I managed to turn it all into 'familiar'. 

My top tip is to find a neighbourhood you haven't yet visited or that you once passed through too quickly, take a book with you in case you discover a cozy cafe, grab your public transport pass and GO!


Maizie Maizie

I’m Maizie Wythe and I spent my year abroad studying at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP) in Mexico and International Christian University (ICU) in Japan. 

Having studied in Mexico and Japan as well as travelling to many countries, I love sharing what I know and recommending the best places to go to (especially to eat!) As a fluent speaker of Japanese and Spanish among other languages, I am particularly useful to LCS students and language learners that need help with anything.  

Top tip: Always do your best, stay positive and remember you have people that are there for you - things will get better over time. And remember speaking foreign languages is a fantastic skill! 


Molly Molly

I’m Molly Ainger and I went on my year abroad in 2017 to the University of California, Berkeley and I am now studying my Master’s in Environmental Assessment and Management. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, live music and being outdoors.  

My favourite part of my year abroad was the travelling I was able to do whilst I was out there. The best trip I took was a road trip to Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe over spring break! The San Francisco Bay area (where the Berkeley campus is located) is also now one of my favourite parts of the world- I saw the Golden Gate Bridge every day on my journey to and from campus. 

My Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to join clubs and societies whist you’re abroad! Many of the friends I made on my year abroad were through getting involved with the climbing, hiking and outdoor society. If you want to meet people then joining a society related to something you’re interested in means that you already will have something in common with everyone else there.


Chantelle Chantelle

I’m Chantelle Johnson and I spent my year abroad at Charles University in Prague, an option specifically for us Law students. 

I thought my year abroad would be amazing, but it exceeded all of my expectations. I couldn’t recommend going on one enough! If you do choose to embark on this amazing adventure, my top tip would be to do things which are outside your comfort zone and try new things - you will thank yourself later!


Lauren Lauren

I’m Lauren Hill and for 7 months, I was fortunate enough to study at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). I genuinely loved every minute of my experience (cheesy I know – but 100% true!). My flat was the best, sharing with 11 others from across the globe - we often had shared dinner nights, where 20+ people would bring their favourite dish or ‘big fat quizzes of the semester’ which would quiz us on the funny and iconic events of the past months. I travelled to several countries – Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, as well as a 12-person road trip to a huge converted farmhouse in the Belgium countryside. 

I may have said goodbye to Amsterdam, but to my friends and flatmates, it was a simple ‘see you soon’ - (the massive reunion is already underway!).  

My top tips: 

Accommodation – make sure you pick the most sociable option (e.g. sharing kitchens/bathroom - might be scary at first, but the best way to make friends)  

Personal – Get to know the little things about everyone’s culture and share the best parts of Britain! (my Swedish friends now love ‘toad in the hole’)  

Emotional – Don’t compare your journey with others, take as much time as you need to settle in and make friends. Also, be wary of social media – individuals often post to show others how much fun they’re having, they don’t post normally when things get tough. It’s okay to miss friends and home, often a FaceTime to parents every week helps.


Sophie Sophie

I’m Sophie Thomas and I studied abroad in at the University of Newcastle in Australia, which is located on the East Coast and is 104 miles north of Sydney. While abroad I spent the majority of my free time traveling and trying to see and do as many things as possible that I can’t do at home. Highlights include Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Noosa and Cairns. 

My top tip is to take every opportunity you can because you might surprise yourself. 


Emma Emma

I’m Emma Goodyear and I spent my year abroad at the University of California, Los Angeles.  

I got the chance to travel America for the first time (ticked off nine states), learned how to operate a film camera, and gained an unexpected love of softball – Go Bruins! 

Top Tip – Live in the moment! Don’t worry about what you might have planned or what you might do later; take every opportunity as it comes! 


Louise Louise

Hi, I’m Louise Hooton, an American History student, and I spent last year studying at Belmont University in Nashville and Deakin University in Melbourne. To be cliché, the year abroad was the best year of my university life (and my whole life so far!), and I’m very jealous of everyone who is at the start of their study abroad experience! 

Top tip: Be confident! Put yourself out there and actively seek your friends. Go to them, they won’t necessarily come to you.


Martha Martha

I'm Martha Griffiths, I'm an American and English Literature student and I studied for a year at St Olaf College in Minnesota, USA. I had an amazing time and had some awesome experiences including hiking in Yellowstone, skiing across the ice of Lake Superior, and a solo trip to New York City.  

My piece of advice to students going abroad would be to take every opportunity offered, including academically. I had the chance to take classes unlike any I'd done before such as a horror film class and a video game class. The different teaching style has really helped now that I am back at UEA, my grades have definitely gone up!

Zachary Zachary

I’m Zachary Horne Morris. I’m a final year student who has done a year abroad at Kansai University in Japan. My top tip is to experience as much of the country as possible. This could be anything from a day trip, staying with a host family, or a holiday. It will broaden your horizons!