MOOC Frequently Asked Questions MOOC Frequently Asked Questions

The main things you need to know about this educational phenomenon:

  • MOOCs help you learn online for free
  • MOOCs are flexible so fit around your life
  • MOOCs connect you with top UK educators and international learners including UEA.

Still curious? We hope to answer any questions you have about UEA MOOCs below.

Q: What is a MOOC? Definition of MOOC.

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an interactive step-by-step course aimed at reaching an unlimited number of participants worldwide to create a community of lifelong learners. At UEA, we are proud to have been among the first UK universities to offer a MOOC with our partners at FutureLearn.

Q: Why study a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)?

Is there a niche topic you've always been interested in, but never had an opportunity to explore it? Studying in sync with thousands of online learners has massive benefits. As a MOOC Learner, you will build upon your knowledge of a special interest subject. Your CV will grow with extra-curricular initiative. Plus, employers will notice your commitment to Continuing Professional Development. 

Q: How much does a MOOC cost?

Absolutely zilch. Zero. Nada. You can enrol on any, or all, of our MOOCs free of charge. All required course material will be provided for you online, which is also 100% free!

Q: Why would a university offer their expertise for free?

There is a growing need to make learning as open and accessible as possible - and UEA want to be ahead of the game. Universities are now having to consider the digital revolution and blended learning as playing a major part in the way their students study. This is not only essential to being a leading institution in the future, but it gives us all access to a truly interactive education.  

Q: What does a MOOC look like?

Nothing like it sounds! All MOOCs are available on the FutureLearn website platform, which is very easy to use. Learners have 24:7 access to traditional course materials, such as readings and problem sets, plus interactive tools, such as videos, quizzes, user forums, social media chats and articles that all generate discussion and debate.

Q: Who can study a MOOC?

Each course is open to anyone with internet access across the world. We like to call these switched-on individuals who sign up to study with thousands of others our ‘Learners’.

Q: Who teaches a MOOC?

Our MOOCs are all taught by academic experts in their field. We call them the ‘Educators’ of the course. They will support your learning by actively engaging in online forums, discussion boards and , if you’re lucky, they might even Tweet you.

Q: What do I need to start my MOOC?

That wonderful brain and internet access is all you need! The entire course will be delivered online, so basic computing skills are essential to get the most out of the course.  

Q: How long does a MOOC take to complete?

A typical MOOC will run anywhere from 2-10 weeks depending on the depth of the topic, requiring between 2-6 hours of study per week. Content will be accessible at any time of the day or night throughout the duration of your course.

Q: Are MOOCs accredited? What qualification will I get from a MOOC?

Although our MOOCs do not currently offer professional accreditation from UEA, if you upgrade, FutureLearn can send you a personalised, printed certificate to acknowledge your learning and add to your CPD. 

Q: What if the MOOC I'm eyeing up has already started/finished?

You can either register your interest on a course before it starts, jump in half way through and catch up, or you can organise weekly lessons around your routine. If the course you like has already finished, we offer our MOOCs several times a year, so keep an eye on our website and Twitter for future launch dates.

Q: I’m still curious. How do I find out more?

Contact our MOOCs team at UEA via with any questions. Find and follow us on Twitter @UEAMOOCsfor the latest updates. Watch our range of course trailers for a taste of what you can be part of.