Connect and share your 'mooc' experience Connect and share your 'mooc' experience

At UEA, we are committed to developing online learning to stay ahead in our increasingly digital world. We believe the academic content in our massive open online courses (MOOCs) is a crucial step to enhancing the education of our students, past, present and future... But we need the stories of our learners to ensure our online courses are engaging, insightful and useful. 

We'd love to hear your story. Please 'Register your Interest' and we'll be in touch. The best experiences will be shared across the blogs and social media of UEA and our partner, FutureLearn.



(We don't like having favourites, but couldn't help ourselves here...)

#FLprep4uni "I think that this MOOC is one of the most important contributions I have seen in recent years to facilitating transition from school to university...Congratulations on your vision and perseverance in putting this together."

#FLbrands "As a new entrepreneur I started this course - the online videos and interaction with other participants is brilliant!"

#FLprep4uni "The course was amazing and really helped give me something to talk about at my uni interview. Support was really good, the website design is good and I like how you can do the work when you want (so if you have more free time than you thought then you can go a week ahead).”

#FLbrands "Much more motivational than other online learning courses because of the different methods used by FutureLearn"

#FLswallowMed "As a newly qualified SLT, this MOOC was very valuable for dysphagia revision: learning about bioavailability and legislation for crushed meds."

#FLbrands "Thanks to Robert Jones and FutureLearn for a great MOOC on branding. Really fantastic quality course."

#FLprep4uni “I was very unsure what to expect as I step back into education. I feel much more prepared now.”

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