This free online course, Identifying Food Fraud, is an introduction to modern analytical science techniques and how they can be used to uncover food fraud.

Everyone uses the food industry, but how many people abuse it? With the increasing globalisation of the supply chain, a growing challenge is verifying the questionable identity of raw materials in the food we eat. This course takes that context and introduces us to modern analytical chemistry techniques, which can help in the identification and prevention of 'food fraud'.

What will I learn?

Those who take part in this free online course from UEA will be led by the knowledge and expertise of professionals working at the Institute of Food Research. Students will also:

  • Explore topical issues of food fraud linked to the sector today.
  • Discover fascinating examples, such as a shocking secret ingredient once used in bitter beer and white bread.
  • Learn to understand practical applications of infrared technology, NMR and mass spectrometry.
  • Get an overview of instrumental techniques likely to be encountered during A-Level Chemistry.
  • See and learn from professional Analytical Chemists in action.
  • Study content exclusively linked to UEA's MChem undergraduate programme, which supports final year student’s research projects in this area.

Who is this course for?

There are no requirements or formal qualifications needed to join this course, but those who will benefit from it most are:

  • A-Level Chemistry students
  • Those planning to study chemistry at college or university
  • Those currently working in the food industry seeking professional development or a refresher course.


Duration: 4 weeks, 3 hours per week
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Educator Educator

Kate Kemsley

Kate Kemsley

Honorary Senior Lecturer
School of Chemistry

Head of Scientific Support Unit
Institute Food Research

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