Excellent international reputation Excellent international reputation

The UK is home to a diverse literary and cultural heritage, with an excellent international reputation for first-rate education. With transport links to major towns and cities and rural towns and villages, there's so much to explore and benefit from.

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An education tradition

The UK education system is one of the oldest and most highly respected in the world and UEA is ranked in the UK's Top 25 universities (The Times/Sunday Times 2020 and Complete University Guide 2020) and in The World's Top 200 universities (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020).

Universal language

The English language is spoken around the world – studying in the UK provides a unique opportunity to experience the English language within a UK context. As the UK attracts a significant number of international students and visitors, it's also a great opportunity to speak different languages and hear other languages spoken, and learn about other cultures and nationalities.


The skills gained at university will be useful in your future career path. Studying overseas can help to enhance essential skills such as independence, cross-cultural communication and cultural awareness which are all highly valued by employers and can help build a competitive CV.

Course duration

A major benefit of studying in the UK is the duration of our higher education courses. The majority of undergraduate degrees take 3 years to complete. Most postgraduate taught degrees are taught over a year. Compared to longer running degree courses in other countries, this can save students both time and money and means that students can invest more time in career building, equipped with the qualification of choice.

From city to countryside, and back again

The UK is fortunate in that its large population means that rural and urban areas sit in close proximity and bordering countries England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and their rich histories and varied cultures are all within less than a day of travelling. Part of the European community, the UK is neighbour to many European countries. If you come to study in the UK, there's an array of countries, languages and cultures within easy travelling distance, just waiting to be explored.

International community

England is a welcoming, accepting country known for its self-deprecating sense of humour. Many faiths exist in the UK and there are no stringent demands on behaviour or dress. We are an open, liberal people (although it is considered the height of bad manners to ‘jump a queue'). We love our food and drink and have one of the most multi-cultural diets of any European country. Our national dish is curry even though the food we're most well known for around the globe is fish and chips. 
Britain is a warm and welcoming place and easy to explore whilst you are here. We really hope you choose to study with us.