We are passionate about ensuring that young people have the right skills to become successful leaders in the future and reach their full potential to be able to take on leadership roles at school or beyond.

Working together with some fantastic UEA Student leaders and recent graduates who are currently in leadership roles, we have a vast number of skills and expertise to share with the leaders of tomorrow.


What does the programme involve?

A series of short, pre-recorded sessions that cover topics including:

  • Self-belief and imposter syndrome

  • Inclusivity and diversity

  • Self-reflection

  • Managing stress

  • Conflict management

Your pupils will be able to access a new video each week of the programme, so that they can follow along at their own pace. These videos will be paired with weekly activities alongside each session, which can all be accessed digitally.


Who is the programme for?

It is aimed at all pupils in Years 9 and 10. We suggest that the videos are shown during tutor time or during an enrichment/PSHE lesson.
Pupils do not have to currently be in a leadership role to take part.


Why should your pupils take part?

We are aware that schools have many opportunities for pupils to take on leadership responsibilities such as school council, Heads of House, prefects etc. Some pupils step into these roles confidently, whereas other pupils are more reluctant to step forward due to lack of confidence – these pupils may well be from a more disadvantaged background.

Through the programme they will have access to invaluable information from relatable role models who were once in their position, we hope that their experience will inspire and encourage pupils to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.


Why will it benefit my school?

The Leaders of the Future programme will help you meet some of the PSHE curriculum. This covers the points below:

  • KS3 – L2 - review their strengths, interests, skills, qualities and values and how to develop them

  • KS3 – L4 - the skills and attributes that employer's value

  • KS3 – L5 - the skills and qualities required to engage in enterprise

  • KS3 – L9 - the benefits of setting ambitious goals and being open to opportunities in all aspects of life

  • KS4 – L2 - to evaluate their own personal strengths and areas for development and use this to inform goal setting

  • KS4 – L3 - how their strengths, interests, skills and qualities are changing and how these relate to future career choices and employability


How do we get involved?

To sign up your pupils, please contact us at schoolsoutreach@uea.ac.uk

Eligibility criteria does apply.


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