Have you ever wondered what university students do in their spare time? 

We work closely with current  UEA students who run clubs and societies - did you know some of them offer workshops to schools in the local area? We work with some fantastic groups of students who are keen to support PSHE and citizenship curriculums, and as a bonus they're able to give real life insight into their subjects, interests and what they get up to in their free time. Student-led workshops are a great way for your students to learn about something new at the same time as increasing their university knowledge. 

To book a session, please use the expression of interest form below. Got questions? Get in touch with your Outreach Officer or reach out to our support team: schoolsoutreach@uea.ac.uk or +44 (0)1603 591521.


Key Stage 3, 4 and 5

Headucate is passionate about raising awareness of mental health - their aim is to stamp out stigma, to tackle discrimination and to provide effective signposting to help and support. The workshops are a safe space to open up discussions about mental health, promoting awareness and wellbeing. Schools can nominate a group of select students to create an in-school Headucate Ambassador Committee. Your students are provided with everything they need to run their own mini-society that will help to make a lasting impact. 

You can read the full brief for this workshop and how it fulfils the new PSHE Curriculum.

Headucate and Teddy Bear Hospital (Collaboration)

Key stage 1/2 (Years 1-4)

Teaching children about the importance of good mental and physical health, is extremely important. In this workshop, mental health first aiders ‘Headucate’ have teamed up with ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’, a worldwide charity focused on educating children about doctors and medical environments, to teach Primary school students about the importance of looking after both their mental and physical wellbeing. Students will be introduced to Teddy who will help to teach them about the importance of being open and talking about their emotions, practising good hand hygiene and healthy eating.

You can read the full brief for this workshop and how it fulfils the new PSHE Curriculum.

British Sign Language

Key stage 3, 4 and 5

This deaf awareness workshop will support your students in having a greater understanding of issues affecting individuals with hearing loss. It will help them to understand the types of hearing aids/support available, including how deafblind individuals communicate. It will increase students understanding of how they can support individuals with hearing loss in person and virtually, and will also show students how to help a deaf person in an emergency situation. Overall, this workshop will help your education setting to be more inclusive and help your students to support others in the community.

You can read the full brief for this workshop and how it fulfils the new PSHE Curriculum.

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