These free student-led activities are facilitated by the partnership between the
UEA Students' Union and UEA Outreach team.

We aim to provide activities to help young people develop their knowledge, break down barriers and improve confidence by providing them with relatable role models -  our students.

What better way to do this than by hearing from UEA students themselves?

What are student-led activities?

These activities can range from programmes to one-off workshops. We work with UEA clubs and societies, that offer a range of opportunities (check them out below!) Some of these activities can support you in PSHE and citizenship curriculums, but the best part is, your pupils will be hearing from the authentic voices of the students themselves.

Why should you sign up?

  • A great opportunity for your students to get access to relatable role models, that can share their authentic experiences to inspire your pupils
  • Break down those barriers of higher education
  • Build your pupils’ knowledge and skills in a variety of topics
  • Help your pupils realise their own potential
  • Fill your form/tutor or PSHE time with meaningful experiences


How to book

To book a session, please use the expression of interest form.

Got questions?

Get in touch with your Outreach Officer or reach out to our support team: or +44 (0)1603 591521.


ks2 Activities

Teaching children about the importance of good mental and physical health, is extremely important. In this workshop, mental health first aiders ‘Headucate’ have teamed up with ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’, a worldwide charity focused on educating children about doctors and medical environments, to teach Primary school students about the importance of looking after both their mental and physical wellbeing.
Students will be introduced to Teddy who will help to teach them about the importance of being open and talking about their emotions, practising good hand hygiene and healthy eating.

You can read the full brief for this workshop and how it fulfils the new PSHE Curriculum.



Teddy Bear Hospital is a worldwide charity that aims to educate children on the role of doctors to help alleviate childhood anxieties surrounding medical environments. Pupils will be introduced to Teddy who will help teach them about important topics such as healthy eating and hand hygiene. 

You can read the full brief for this workshop and how it fulfils the new PSHE Curriculum.


Teddy Bear Hospital

Bloody Good Period is a nationwide charity that tackles period poverty. We aim to carry this good work on here at UEA! We are the charity's first university society and have created this Outreach workshop to help young people explore what menstruation is, who experiences it, and how this can affect your mental health/feelings. We want to break down the stigma of talking about periods so young people know that periods are not a taboo subject!

You can read the full brief for this workshop and how it fulfils the new PSHE Curriculum.

KS3-5 Activities

Headucate is passionate about raising awareness of mental health - their aim is to stamp out stigma, to tackle discrimination and to provide effective signposting to help and support. The workshops are a safe space to open up discussions about mental health, promoting awareness and wellbeing.
Schools can nominate a group of select pupils to create an in-school Headucate Ambassador Committee. Your pupils are provided with everything they need to run their own mini-society that will help to make a lasting impact. 

You can read the full brief for this workshop and how it fulfils the new PSHE Curriculum.

The UEA Netball club outreach programme consists of six workshops, that are 20-30 minutes long. The workshops are designed to be done once a week for a
6-week period. However, this can be flexible to cater for your school’s needs. The workshop can be completed during PE lessons, PSHE curriculum or during form times. The programme will support boys and girls to break down barriers in netball including the stereotypes that surround it, understand and develop the 4Cs of youth sport development (confidence, character, competence and connection) and create an opportunities to discuss how UEA netballers have used these things both in netball and their lives. 

You can read the full brief for this workshop and how it fulfils the new PSHE Curriculum.


We are passionate about ensuring that young people have the right skills to become successful leaders in the future and reach their full potential to be able to take on leadership roles at school or beyond.

Working together with some fantastic UEA Student leaders and recent graduates who are currently in leadership roles, we have a vast number of skills and expertise to share with the leaders of tomorrow.

Find out more about
Leaders of the Future programme

Next steps

If your application is successful, we will be in touch. In order to ensure we measure our impact on young people, we ask that you send us a list of all pupils who will be taking part in the Programme, in advance of it starting.

There will be a digital survey for pupils to complete at the beginning and again at the end of the Programme. We ask that you give students the opportunity during school time to complete these short surveys.

Expression of interest form

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