These free student-led activities are facilitated by the partnership between the
UEA Students' Union and UEA Outreach team.

We aim to provide activities to help young people develop their knowledge, break down barriers and improve confidence by providing them with relatable role models -  our students.

What better way to do this than by hearing from UEA students themselves?

What are student-led activities?

These activities can range from programmes to one-off workshops. We work with UEA clubs and societies, that offer a range of opportunities (check them out below!) Some of these activities can support you in PSHE and citizenship curriculums, but the best part is, your pupils will be hearing from the authentic voices of the students themselves.

Why should you sign up?

  • A great opportunity for your students to get access to relatable role models, that can share their authentic experiences to inspire your pupils
  • Break down those barriers of higher education
  • Build your pupils’ knowledge and skills in a variety of topics
  • Help your pupils realise their own potential
  • Fill your form/tutor or PSHE time with meaningful experiences


How to book

To book a session, please use the expression of interest form.

Got questions?

Get in touch with your Outreach Officer or reach out to our support team:


KS1 Activities

KS2 Activities

KS2-3 Activities

We want children to have a basic understanding of nutrition and to know why it's important to make healthy choices now and how it will help to prevent disease in the future. We appreciate not every child has the opportunity to learn about healthy food at home and there is little time to squeeze it into school curriculums. Through examples and demonstrations, this workshop provides them with the fundamentals of living healthily, how they can achieve this and give them the tools to talk to their families and make healthy decisions.

You can read the full brief for the Healthy Living Workshop and how it fulfils the PSHE curriculum.

KS3-5 Activities

Headucate is passionate about raising awareness of mental health - their aim is to stamp out stigma, to tackle discrimination and to provide effective signposting to help and support. These workshops are developed by qualified Mental Health First Aiders to strengthen mental health awareness within schools. They're a safe space to open up discussions about mental health, promote awareness and wellbeing. The workshop can be delivered to a class or year group at a time, either online or face-to-face.

You can read the full brief for the Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing Workshop and how it fulfills the new PSHE Curriculum.

Headucate word cloud

This workshop is a taster to British Sign Language (BSL), offering an introduction to some basic signs such as the alphabet, hello, good morning/afternoon/evening and how are you? Activities and games will be included to practice what is taught in the session and demonstrate what it is like communicating without using speech, activities may include: hangman, telephone, guess the sign and Pictionary. Students should come away from the workshop feeling more confident about communicating with others and be able to introduce themselves in BSL.

You can read the full brief for the UEA BSL Workshop and how it fulfills the new PSHE Curriculum.

This in-person event will take place at the UEA and is for Year 12 students. It will take place on 25 April 2024 from 9.30am-3pm.

We are very lucky to have many local consultant surgeons collaborating with us, to give talks about their careers, succeeding in medical school and life as a surgeon. We also have a session run by current medical students teaching some basic surgical skills, and a Q+A session at the end.

Our aim is for participants to leave feeling more inspired and confident in pursuing a career in medicine or surgery, enhance their CV, and enjoy the day!

If you are interested in bringing a school group, please complete the expression of interest form:

Please note, places at this event are extremely limited, therefore, priority will be given to UEA Outreach Partner Schools.

Individuals can also express their interest in attending this event by completing the following Expression of Interest form:

Love Your Leo is a workshop that explores the impact of body image and mental health in sport, demonstrating that it is not just physical strength you need but also mental strength. This workshop can include a physical activity depending on the space available. Alternatively, it can be delivered as an interactive talk.

Every March, UEA Ballet run the Love Your Leo campaign to promote body positivity and tackle the stigma of eating disorders in sport.

Here's a look at what they did last year: Love Your Leo - the UEA Ballet Club campaign tackling eating disorder stigmas one photo at a time.

Next steps

If your application is successful, we will be in touch. In order to ensure we measure our impact on young people, we ask that you send us a list of all pupils who will be taking part in the Programme, in advance of it starting.

There will be a digital survey for pupils to complete at the beginning and again at the end of the Programme. We ask that you give students the opportunity during school time to complete these short surveys.

Expression of interest form

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