Money, money, money Money, money, money

There is lots of support to help you whilst you study. The important thing to remember is that no student needs to find money up front in order to study at university. All eligible students can borrow money (student loans) that they then repay.


Loans are borrowed and then repaid after you finish university. Students typically take two loans at uni:

Tuition fee loan. This is paid directly to your university by the Student Loan Company, and covers your tuition fees. Tuition fees don't just pay for your teaching (lectures, seminars, lab sessions) but also contribute to the running of your university.

Living cost loan, or maintenance loan. This helps you pay for everything that isn't tuition: accommodation, transport, books, food, clothes, entertainment, and more.

Free money

You might also be able to access non-repayable (free!) money from your university or from other sources, which can be really helpful when you're planning your weekly uni budget.

University support. Universities must provide some additional financial support for some of their students. This can vary a lot between different universities, so it's important to check what is on offer.

UEA supports lots of students each year with our Bursaries and Scholarships. For example, if you're a Care Leaver (you've spent time living in local authority care, such as with foster parents or in a residential setting), we have a bursary for you!

Check out the details of our Bursaries and Scholarships here.

Government support. The government offers some additional help for students who may face additional costs at university. This might include you, if you have a disability, mental or physical health condition or a learning difficulty, or if you are an independent student  with no contact with your parents, or if you have dependents (children or adults). Do some research to find out if you're elgible for this support, by looking in the Extra Help section of the government's student finance information here.


Click on the image below to view our handy infographic all about your student finance options. 

Student finance infographic

Paying it back Paying it back

University is affordable for everyone!.

Most students can get loans to help pay for their tuition (teaching), accommodation, food, clothes, books, and fun! So you don't need to have the money up front, and you pay back the loans in small chunks once you finish uni and get a job.

The Student Loans Company arranges for these small chunks to be taken out of your salary every month. The repayments are designed to be affordable, and you don't ever have to worry that you might forget to pay - the repayments are taken automatically!

Your student loans will accrue (gain) interest. This means that the overall amount you owe to the Student Loan Company will increase slightly over time. You will accrue less interest than you would on a bank loan, though.

You will repay your loan for 30 years. After this, whatever you still owe will be written off. 

The important thing to remember is that your repayments are always calculated based on what you earn, not what you owe, and this is what makes them affordable.

Find out more... Find out more...

There is lots of information and support available to help students study at university. For example, you could visit our detailed student finance pages here

The Government website also has lots of helpful info about the fees and loans systems, so check it out here.

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