Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and upwards

Pioneering methods of collaborative learning delivering exceptional standards of care.

An innovative response to key issues raised in recent reports relating to nursing, Collaborative Learning in Practice (CLiP)© is a pioneering new approach to healthcare education. One that is effective, forward thinking and focused on enabling students to learn while out on the wards.

Originally a year-long pilot project introduced by UEA, CLiP© was rolled out in collaboration with Health Education East of England and clinical practice partners that included the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, James Paget University Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Already proving popular with students, partners and patients, Lord Willis recommended in his recent Shape of Caring review that this new model of practice learning be adopted nationally. Effectively changing the way nursing is taught across the whole of the UK.

Professor Val Lattimer comments ‘UEA’s Collaborative Learning in Practice (CLiP)© project has the potential to increase both the quality of learning in practice and the capacity to support students. Our purpose as a school is to tackle some of the most pressing health challenges and to prepare our students for the real world of healthcare.’

As one of the leading schools of Health and Sciences in the UK, we’re proud to be at the forefront of positive change in future education and CLiP© epitomises our approach and philosophy of doing things differently.

What could you achieve through innovation?

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