Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • State of the art

    State of the art

    UEA history of art undergraduates are some of the only students in the UK to have a major international art museum on campus. The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts boasts works by Picasso, Francis Bacon, Henry Moore and Alberto Giacometti.

  • Ruling The Airwaves

    Ruling The Airwaves

    Greg James presented his first show on Radio 1 the day after his graduation ball

  • BBC CV

    BBC CV

    Desiree Peeters studied Film and Television Studies at UEA and has gone on to be a Production Management Assistant at the BBC.

  • Public Enemy

    Public Enemy

    UEA Reader in International Security, Dr Lee Jarvis, has investigated how and why governments outlaw terrorist organisations and how counter-terrorism powers impact on citizenship and security.

  • Rule of Law

    Rule of Law

    As the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta celebrations approached, a team of expert scholars, led by Professor Nicholas Vincent of UEA, received funding by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to set up the Magna Carta Project.

  • War of the Words

    War of the Words

    The pen really is mightier than the sword. New research by UEA Professor Rachel Potter brings to light significant changes writers throughout the twentieth-century have made to international legislation.

  • Lost In Translation

    Lost In Translation

    Dr Jo Drugan’s research shows for the first time how translation quality is assessed and improved in the ‘real world’.

  • Scene It Before

    Scene It Before

    Research from the School of Art, Media and American Studies, discovers many fans are fed up with trailers that give away too much of a movie’s plot line.

  • Discrimi-nations


    How did the South African anti-apartheid movement inspire African Americans in their fight for freedom from racial inequality? This is the subject of the latest book by UEA lecturer, Dr Nicholas Grant, from the Department of American Studies.

  • Power of Thought

    Power of Thought

    Philosopher Dr Eugen Fischer and psychologist Dr Paul Engelhardt are pioneering the use of psycholinguistic methods in philosophy.

  • Industrial revelation

    Industrial revelation

    Research from the School of History challenges previous accounts of the social impact of one of the most critical periods in British history.