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At UEA, your University experience will be unique. We know this because of the brilliant things you’ll see and do, the brilliant people you’ll meet and because of the brilliant things our students and academics achieve every day. See just a few examples of these accomplishments in the stories below.

  • Mind Mapp

    Mind Mapp

    A UEA professor has helped develop a mobile game that explores the way we use our brains to navigate space – one of the first struggles for people with dementia.

  • War of the Words

    War of the Words

    The pen really is mightier than the sword. New research by UEA Professor Rachel Potter brings to light significant changes writers throughout the twentieth-century have made to international legislation.

  • Born Fighting

    Born Fighting

    Why are premature babies often born lacking the friendly gut bacteria that is vital for long-term health and how it can be restored?

  • Power of attraction

    Power of attraction

    What happens when you get in the way of irresistible attraction? Energy.

  • New News

    New News

    By embracing new media platforms like YouTube, UEA graduate Jim Chapman has become a vlogging pioneer.

  • Class Act

    Class Act

    Every teacher knows that keeping control of the classroom is a tough task.

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