29 January 2020

My UEA Story: Nicole Fong

My name is Nicole Fong and I’m an undergraduate student studying Economics. I first came across UEA at a university fair at a hotel somewhere in Subang Jaya and was pleasantly greeted by Pete Ryan, who sold UEA’s campus and the student experience to me. My first impression based on the research that I had done made me realise UEA prioritises student satisfaction. The environment on campus seemed very fun and exciting based on all the events and activities they had to offer. On top of my offer, I was fortunately offered the 50th Anniversary Scholarship which meant 50% off tuition fees for my first year so I was even more excited to be attending UEA.

I am really enjoying my course here at UEA as my lecturers are very supportive, approachable, engaging and most importantly, passionate. Besides lectures, seminars, and workshops, the lecturers organise support sessions and office hours which are fantastic opportunities for students to seek help about material we learn in class. The School of Economics as a whole is very proactive and they do their best to help both students and staff. I am part of the Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC). As a Student Representative, we try to solve problems or feedback given within the school of Economics by both students and staff. The school also organises various events besides lectures such as socials between staff and students, contemporary economic issues lectures, and publishes the Norwich Economic Papers.

Living in Norwich is very different from all the places I have lived in as it is very rural and modern all at the same time. The city centre is very quaint as it feels as if you have stepped back in time and you are walking through Old England which also provides a pleasant environment to study in. Besides that, I enjoy how close the city is from campus and how easily accessible it is by public transport.


School of Economics