MBA Alumni: Gunjan Talwar

The initial internship contact was for 12 weeks. At the end of 12 weeks, it was extended for 8 weeks (through the UEA Internship Programme).

What do you think are the benefits of gaining an internship?

Finding a job can be a challenge. In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for the best. They want you to have a glowing resume, an array of extracurricular hobbies and, on top of that, previous professional experience.

For me, the internship helped me narrow my focus and helped me train for the future job I was aiming for. It also provided the opportunity to network and establish relationships with working professionals in the industry. Internship can open the door to many employment opportunities.

How has the skills and knowledge developed on the MBA helped prepare you to find work in the UK?

Doing the MBA has helped me learn to think in a different way — it opened possibilities I didn’t know existed. And it all comes from that collaboration and exposure to other people’s points of view.

The MBA Consultancy Projects gave me the opportunity to gain practical exposure. The Career Impact Programme gave me upskilled in areas such as CV building, negotiations, network building. MBA helped me develop necessary skills and experience to become a business leader in almost any market area.

How do you think the MBA Careers Impact Programme has helped you?

I strongly believe that the MBA Careers Impact Programme has been instrumental for me to thrive in my current role. It helped me:

  • tease out key points in my CV and learned how to construct a powerful covering letter;
  • prepared me for challenging recruitment rounds with mock interview trainings;
  • helped me work on my career goals, improving my networking skills.

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