17 June 2019

My UEA Story: Edidiong Bassey

I am Edidiong Bassey and I studied Masters in Social Science Research Methods at UEA. I chose UEA because I was looking for a course that will sharpen my research skills and expose me to the interdisciplinary field of social sciences. With a background in business, I was interested in a course that will expose me to a broad range of disciplines while not losing my roots in business. The course based in the School of Psychology enabled me to get fresh perspectives of various disciplines including law, education, international development, cognitive neuroscience, psychology and social work. Also, UEA is consistently ranked in the top tier of universities for social science research, so the choice was a no-brainer.

I still can’t believe I studied at UEA, a university known for its breathtaking architecture, beautiful scenery, astonishing grasslands, a lake - and even more so - its attention to the environment. Most (if not all) the buildings are environmentally friendly and the university in general is completely self-sustainable. I am passionate about nature and the university and its residents care too. Studying at UEA also affords the opportunity for you to mix with people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds; from the Italian guy with tons of experience working with refugees in the Middle East, the British social worker who loves foster kids, to the American who has experience in journalism. The diversity and multi-culture in UEA is really astonishing.

UEA boasts a heathy social scene and whatever you are interested in, there is most definitely something for you. The university boasts hundreds of societies and sports clubs to cater for everyone’s needs and if there isn’t one for you, you can start yours. Aside from that, there are a lot of one-off events organised throughout the year from International Student Parties to Game nights, Balls and Quizzes. I can say with all certainty that a year at UEA will most certainly change anyone’s life.

Coming to the University of East Anglia was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.


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