09 September 2020

'I enjoyed life at UEA a lot because I am in love with nature'

Four graduates from the MSc Education Leadership and Management in the UEA School of Education and Lifelong Learning share their experiences.

This is absolutely the place to be! 100% recommend!

Sam Oakes (UK)

The Master of Science in Education Leadership and Management at the University of East Anglia is the perfect blend of educational theory and leadership application. It will introduce you to so many aspects of Education and Leadership theory whilst challenging you to research and broaden your own understanding. The course is nicely balanced between contact time and self-study. The staff are amazing and there are no exams! All of the staff have lots of experience in their field and they readily draw on this in lectures and seminars. Additionally they are incredibly welcoming and friendly and nothing short of inspiring for future educators. The course director is phenomenal; a wealth of experience and knowledge and incredibly kind. So much so that our class dubbed her “Mum” as she made the course feel like a second family!

If you are looking for a challenging and exciting gateway to a career in Education or Management, this is absolutely the place to be! 100% recommend!


Haiwei Fu (China)

I had a memorable time studying the MSc Education Leadership and Management. Students on the course were always encouraged to discuss their thoughts on the programme. The exchange of ideas between the professors and students was interesting and inspiring. The course enhanced my confidence in working in the education field. We were also encouraged to do research by ourselves, and I became more confident with my research skills and problem-solving abilities. The professors in the course are humorous and knowledgeable, and I really enjoyed the communicating with them.


FA Wang (China)

I enrolled into MSc Education Leadership and Management in September 2018, and my UEA experience was amazing and adventurous! The subject topics, curriculum designs, student-staff rapport, project opportunities and campus environment have exceeded my expectations. I have had the pleasure of working with a group of fantastic colleagues guided by our course director.

We have explored educational policies and systems via comparative analysis and various approaches, visited schools, attended visiting scholars’ speeches, and conducted lots of productive group discussions and educational observations.

Studying at UEA was an unforgettable life experience, and as an international student, originally from mainland China, you will continuously get support from different departments and be inspired by your peers. You will enjoy the big nights out as well as group brainstorms for your course projects. I assure you will have fun while studying in the UEA and make a difference in the not-too-distant future!


Shang-En Yen (Taiwan)

I enjoyed life at UEA a lot because I am in love with nature. UEA has many natural spaces, which is something other city universities cannot really offer. I was interested in studying Education because I cared about people and wanted to influence them in a positive way. I wanted to work in an innovative education field and create opportunity for Taiwanese young students, and develop their critical thinking skills. I did not want to be just a teacher but a leader too, and so I am happy that I studied Education Leadership and Management (ELM).

My Master’s study influenced not only my career but also my daily life. I have learned more about myself and become more confident. In the second semester, I took a module in the School of Global Development that truly broadened my horizons in terms of global education and development. Before graduating from UEA, I also became part of the cast in the promotional film ‘Welcome to Norwich’.

I had been building up my online tutoring business on the Amazing Talker language platform in the months leading up to officially receiving my degree. I was an online tutor for seven months and completed over 150 lessons with students aged 9 to 40 and I hold the platform record for recruiting new students.

After that, I decided to get into the education front line and I got a good offer from a small Taiwanese educational institution. I have now been working with the team for three months and I also participate in a Public Library English storytelling volunteer program during the weekends.

In my current job, I need to communicate with young children and motivate them to learn more. I studied a lot about motivation and leadership in the MSc ELM when I was at UEA and this really helped.


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