Registering and induction Registering and induction

Following confirmation of your place, and about a month before your supervised research degree programme begins, you will receive an e-mail from the University providing details about how to open your University IT account. Setting up your IT login and password will allow you to access and complete the online registration process and apply for your campus card. You should complete these tasks before arriving at the University. The Postgraduate Research Students (or PGR) Office will also organise and inform you about the registration/induction event that you must attend. Attendance at this event will complete your registration process and allow you full access to all University resources.

If you are not clear about the date, time or location of your induction event, or if you are having problems (e.g. illness, visa issues, etc.), either in advance or on the day, that might prevent your attendance and/or delay your arrival and registration it is very important that you let us know. This can be done by e-mailing and/or telephoning the PGR Office (please see the PGR Service webpage for full contact details). Please make a note of these contact details and carry them with you on the day of the induction for your own convenience. If you get in touch, please remember to tell us your name, your registration number (if known), your course details and your expected arrival date and to leave us your own contact details. Thank you.

Once you have arrived, we're sure you'll find UEA welcoming. Everything you need is right here on campus, we have shops and banks on site, and our Campus Facilities page outlines the many services available to new students. When you join the University you will also receive any relevant information specific to PGR students in SSF and/or your home School and be given online access to the regulations, policies and procedures governing our supervised research degree programmes.

One final issue: If you are a full-time student who will be studying at UEA for six months or more, we also require you to register with one of the Doctors in the University Medical Service (UMS) or, alternatively, with another General Medical Practitioner (GP) in the local area. To find out how to register, visit the UMS website at UEA Medical Services. You are advised to complete the registration forms before you arrive at UEA, but please do not post them back to the University. Just bring the forms with you and visit the University Medical Service (or alternative practitioner) on our arrival to complete your registration. We hope you enjoy your time at UEA!