SSF PGR Training Fund SSF PGR Training Fund

In an effort to complement existing sources of funding available to PGR students, the SSF Graduate School is pleased to announce it has set aside £5000 of funding in 2018-19 to support research students travelling to attend training and professional development events inside or outside the UK. These funds are raised from the fees generated by non-UEA student attendance at SSF PGR training events and are liable, therefore, to vary year on year.

The funds are accessible to all full-time or part-time doctoral students (PhD, EdD, EdPsyD), registered in an SSF School, who have completed their probationary period (or Med for EdD candidates) and are in their standard 'period of study' (typically Years 1-3 for FT students and 1-6 for PT. Priority will nonetheless be given to students who are not already in receipt of a Research Support Training Grant (or RTSG). The funds are NOT accessible to Post-Doc Fellows, Research Assistants, MRes/Masters by Research Students, or by students on a current 'interruption of studies. 

Each student will be allowed up to two awards for support over the course of their studies (from registration until they stop paying fees) and only one award per 12 month period of study. The maximum claim for any one application will be £500. This a a limit, not an entitlement, and claims will be considered relative to their merits and the satisfaction of training needs. To be eligible, the expenditure claimed must relate to the current financial year (e.g. 1st August 2018 - 31st July 2019).

Application Process

In order to apply for funding, please read the following Guidance Notes. The student then needs to complete the Application Form and forward it to their supervisor. The supervisor must add an appropriate supporting statement, sign the form, and return it to the student for submission. Submissions can be made by e-mailing the SSF Faculty Office (cc'ing supervisors) at: There are two deadlines per academic year on the 30th November and 31st March respectively.  

Funds are limited and applications will be considered by a funding panel comprising the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research, the Faculty PGR Training Coordinator, the Senior Faculty Manager and a PGR student representative (GSE Rep or Chair of the Student PGR forum). Consideration will be given to the supporting statement from the supervisors, and their assessment of the student’s training needs, and students should ensure their applications include sufficient information to justify the calculation of the main costs that they are claiming (fees, travel fares, accommodation, and so on).

Students already receiving an RTSG (or equivalent) may apply, but their application is unlikely to be successful if their RTSG funds have not already been spent. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application by email. To reclaim awarded funds, students must submit an ‘Expenses Claim Form’ to the SSF Faculty Office (which will be provided to students, along with instructions, when an award has been confirmed) together with receipts for all items claimed. 

The next deadline for applications is 31st March 2019. The absolute deadline for submitting expenses claim forms (once an award has been made) is 9th July 2019.