Faculty training expectations and training needs analyses Faculty training expectations and training needs analyses

The Faculty of Social Sciences (SSF) at UEA expects each full-time PGR student to complete the equivalent of 10 days training and development activities per year, with part time students completing 5 days per year on a pro rata basis. Each day or training (or equivalent activity) is worth one training credit. It follows, as a condition of your registration, that you will be expected to accumulate a total of 30 training credits over the research degree period (and hence before you submit your thesis). Information on how to claim research credits can be found by clicking the tab entitled Training Provision & Claiming Credits.   

You are responsible for developing a personal training plan under the guidance of your supervisory team. Obviously, we are aware that different students bring different skills and experiences to their doctoral studies and so you are likely to have your own particular set of training needs. At your first supervisory meeting, you should discuss your current attributes and skills, as well as your career aspirations, with your supervisors as a means of identifying (and planning to address) any obvious gaps in your skills and knowledge. You should also complete a Researcher Development Plan.

To help you complete your plan, you might like to make use of the ‘Researcher Development Framework' and ‘Researcher Development Statement' issued by the Vitae organisation. These have been adopted by all the UK Research Councils as indicative of their standard requirements for PGR training. The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) highlights the need for training in four domains: (1) Knowledge and intellectual abilities; (2) Personal effectiveness; (3) Research governance and organisation; and (4) Engagement, influence and impact. Each of these domains is further divided into three sub-domains. You can find more information about the RDF and its accompanying statement on the Vitae website.

We recommend that you continue to assess your training needs on a regular basis and as a minimum requirement your ‘Researcher Development Plan' should be reviewed as part of your Annual Progress Review.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Faculty training expectations, the training needs analysis process or you would like to discuss your own training needs with a helpful third party, please feel free to contact Dr Simon Watts, the PGR Training Coordinator for SSF (simon.d.watts@uea.ac.uk), who will be happy to help.