Forms and requirements for conducting fieldwork Forms and requirements for conducting fieldwork

Fieldwork is a key element in many areas of social science research. As a student of the University, UEA has a responsibility to ensure your safety while undertaking field research and that any possible dangers are taken into account and limited. This means you will need to complete a full risk assessment and have it considered and approved before you commence any fieldwork visit, even if the fieldwork is being carried out in the UK or in your home country. Your supervisor and/or School PGR Director will be able to give you further guidance on the risk assessment process.

If you will be carrying out fieldwork overseas during your period of study you will need to have the approval of your supervisors and the School PGR Director. You should also consult your supervisor about submitting a request for Ethics Approval (see the link on Research Ethics). In addition, you will need to complete a Fieldwork Absence Notification form (available from the PGR Office or on the SSF PPD Blackboard site) and return this to the PGR Office. This form is very important. It ensures we have up-to-date contact details for you whilst away on fieldwork and that your whereabouts is recorded on your IT and paper records.  If you are a FT student, and are likely to be away on fieldwork for more than three months, this information can also be used to reduce your tuition fees (to the lower fieldwork rate, which is one-third the normal rate where you continue to be supervised by your UEA supervisors) for the relevant period. Please contact the PGR Office for guidance and information on the forms you will need to complete and for further advice about where to find the necessary information regarding fieldwork. 

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