UEA produces creative and artistic research that spans a variety of disciplines to inform the past, challenge the present and influence the future.

Our research stretches beyond traditional research methods, incorporating digital tools which allow us to better understand how we identify ourselves and others in a rapidly changing world, how we communicate, and how we relate and adapt to our environment.


Culture, Creativity and Belief Research

Culture, creativity and belief

Finding the Lost Ones

“What underpins the range of activities is the empowering of local people to access links to their heritage through skills training and through making the heritage accessible.”

Dr Karen Smyth
School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing

Culture, creativity and Belief

The rise of rural cinema

Butrint, Albania

Protecting the Past


Spirits of Clay

Culture, creativity and belief

At a Crossroads

Culture, creativity and belief

Unlocking the Past

Crime fiction

Home truths