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Stay Right Where You Are

The University of East Anglia is the perfect place to undertake your postgraduate study.  With our huge selection of courses, some of the very best lecturers in the world, and access to...

Postgraduate Scholarships in Psychology

Postgraduate Taught Scholarships Scholarship Application Deadline : 7 April 2017   Scholarship Awards Scholarship awards are available to students studying in the School...

PSY Winners for the Ede & Ravenscroft Prize

The School is delighted to announce that students Ana Lavos and Alice Bush were two of five recipients for the UEA prize. The Ede & Ravenscroft Prize recognises a student’s contribution to...

Fully Funded PhD Studentships

The School of Psychology is delighted to announce we have updated our PhD studentships for entry to the academic year 2017/18. We aim to recruit PhD students to a range of identified topic...

New guidelines aim to improve understanding of scientific data

Researchers from University of East Anglia have produced new guidelines aimed at improving the communication and understanding of scientific data - using knowledge of how the human brain...

Promote legal alternatives to stop unlawful downloading

The promotion of legal alternatives, rather than the risk of prosecution, is more likely to change unlawful file sharing behaviour, according to new research. The study by academics from...

Communicating Climate Change - Making Evidence Accessible

We are delighted to announce "Communicating Climate Change: Making Evidence Accessible", a two-day interdisciplinary workshop in London UK, organised by the School of Psychology,...

Mickey O'Connell and Oliver Alfridijanta win Student Transformation Awards

Psychology students Mickey O'Connell and Oliver Alfridijanta both picked up prizes at the 2016 UEA SU Student Transformation Awards.

Dr Paul Engelhardt awarded ‘Inclusive Teaching’ prize at the 2016 UEA SU Transforming Teaching Awards

Congratulations to Dr Paul Engelhardt who was awarded the SSF (Social Sciences Faculty) ‘Inclusive Teaching’ award at the 2016 UEA Transforming Teaching Awards.

From Knowing to Re-Experiencing: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Declarative Memory

We are delighted to announce that the School of Psychology will host the advanced training workshop "From Knowing to Re-Experiencing: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Declarative Memory".

Research Explores Communication in Human Interaction

A major new €3.5million research initiative led by the UEA School of Psychology will aim to improve understanding of a fundamental part of communication in humans.

Fully Funded PhD Studentships in Psychology

The Faculty of Social Sciences has a range of fully-funded opportunities for doctoral students for 2016/7 entry.

Postgraduate Scholarships in Psychology at UEA

Postgraduate Scholarship awards are available to students studying in the School of Psychology at the University of East Anglia for entry in September 2016.

Your Postgraduate Future - UEA Event

Current undergraduates thinking of continuing their studies at UEA are invited to this free, informal event to find guidance on postgraduate finance, funding and opportunities.

Study examines why people unlawfully file-share

Making consumers more aware of the effort that goes into producing creative material such as films and music would result in less unlawful file-sharing, according to new research from UEA...

Dynamic Thinking: A Primer on Dynamic Field Theory

It is with great pleasure that UEA Psychology’s Professor John Spencer announces the release of a new book, Dynamic Thinking: A Primer on Dynamic Field Theory.

"You'll change more than I will"

We spend a considerable time thinking about our future. However, research consistently shows that we tend to mispredict our future preferences and values.

New research examines relationship between Autism and Creativity

New research from UEA Psychology and the University of Stirling has found that people with high levels of autistic traits are more likely to produce unusually creative ideas.

Social orienting in gaze leading: a mechanism for shared attention

New UEA Psychology research, published this month in Proceedings of the Royal Society B (and covered by Science Magazine), offers new insight into our understanding of social gaze interactions.
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