Politics, Philosophy and Language and Communication Studies Politics, Philosophy and Language and Communication Studies



Head of School

Professor Lee Marsden

School Manager

Ms Jennifer Wilkinson

Telephone: 01603 597600

Head of School Secretary

Ms Holly Dyer

Telephone: 01603 592149

Clerical Assistant

Mr Alex Russell-Davis

Telephone 01603 597601

Languages Coordinator

Ms Katie Frost

Telephone: 01603 593708


Sector Heads

Dr Thomas Greaves  (Philosophy)                                 

Dr Toby James (Politics)

Professor Lee Marsden (Language and Communication Studies)

Director of Teaching and Learning

Dr Mike Gough

Director of Admissions

Dr Roger Baines 


Course Directors

Dr Eriko Tomizawa-Kay; Prof Catherine Rowett / Dr James AndowProf Luna FilipovicDr Adriana SinclairDr Benjamin Little/ Mark Wells; Bob Stillwell;

Postgraduate Research Director

Postgraduate Teaching Director

Dr. Davide Rizza

Dr Helen Warner

Director of Research

Prof Lee Jarvis

Employability Director

Ms Claire Cuminatto-Stone

Chair of Board of Examiners

Dr Oliver Brooks

Plagiarism Officers

Autumn 2017: Dr Pierre Boquillon , Dr Akiko Tomatsuri

Spring 2018: Dr Sally Broughton Micova, Dr Akiko Tomatsuri

University Language Programme Directors 

Mrs Mika Brown

Ms Maria Gomez Bedoya


Senior Advisor

Dr Helen Warner


Study Abroad Leads- Study Abroad/Erasmus

Dr Leticia Yulita

Head of Communications

Dr Roger Baines

Unit of Assessment Coordinators



Prof Susan Hodgett

Dr Eugen Fischer

Prof Hussein Kassim

Ethics Officer

Dr Delia Dumitrescu

PGR Coordinators

Dr Gabrina Pounds

Dr Simon Curtis

Language Sector Heads

Ms Ilse Renaudie; Ms Mika Brown; Dr Alberto Hijazo Gascon

Director of Internationalisation

Mr Lawrence Hardy
Year Abroad Coordinators

Ms Ilse Renaudie; Dr Leticia Yulita; Dr Akiko Tomatsuri; Dr Suzanne Doyle

Chair of Athena SWAN

Dr Leticia Yulita

Transitions Academic Lead Dr Kaoru Umezawa
Extenuating Circumstances Panel


Dr Helen Warner; 

Dr Pete Handley; 

Dr Elizabeth Cobbett; 

Dr Kaoru Umezawa