Knowledge, skills, behaviours and values Knowledge, skills, behaviours and values

What we do

The UEA Pharmacy Technician Programme Team develop, deliver and evaluate high quality training programmes for all levels of pharmacy staff from pharmacy assistants, to pharmacy technicians, and even pharmacists and managers who wish to develop their skills in training and educating others.

Our aim is to equip all learners with the right knowledge, skills, behaviours and values necessary for their roles so that they can deliver exceptional patient care every time.

This is achieved through collaborative working with expert practitioners who each have years of experience in the world of pharmacy.


All of our programmes are supported by Blackboard – the virtual learning environment used by the UEA.

Blackboard offers maximum flexibility for learners and allows tutors, work-based trainers and assessors to monitor the progress of their learners at the touch of a button. The resources available on Blackboard include presentations, videos, online reading lists, quizzes, e-assessments and links to useful websites – all carefully chosen with the intention to complement the taught study days and further develop the learner’s knowledge.

Our programmes

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