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Prof. Sally Price - “Is the crystallisation of pharmaceutical molecules controlled by thermodynamics or kinetics?”

University College London February 25th

Dr Ian Blagbrough - “Tetracycline antibiotic delivery from electrospun biocompatible polymers”

University of Bath

February 15th

Dr Matthew Fuchter

Imperial College London

February 22nd
Queens 1.03
Dr Franco Falcone - "Development of Helicobacter pylori biomimics for increased gastric retention: How applied science can lead to insights into fundamental science (and back)" University of Nottingham March 7th
EFRY 01.08
Dr Takayuki Doi - "Biologically Active Cyclodepsipeptide Natural Products: Synthesis, Biological Evaluation, 3D Structure and Protein Network Analysis" Tohoku University, Japan

March 15th
Zicer 2.03

Dr Ashkan Dehsorki and Dominic Rodrigues UEA March 21st
ZICER 2.03
Dr Chris Morris
“Breaking barriers to improve drug delivery to the lung mucosae“
UEA April 11th
Queens 1.03

Dr William Brackenbury, MRC Career Development Fellow
"Voltage-gated sodium channels: novel targets for cancer therapy?"

Will's research group is interested in the novel role of voltage-gated sodium channels in regulating the migration and invasion of metastatic cancer cells.

University of York April 18th
Queens 1.03

Remy Narozny
"Erasing the eraser: a new potential therapy for Schistosomiasis"

  25th April

Dr Gloria Lopez-Castejon, Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Title: "Deubiquitinases, new switches of the inflammatory response"

In 2015 Gloria was awarded the Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale fellowship to investigate new roles of deubiquitination in the inflammatory response.

University of Manchester

9th May
Queens 1.03

Dr Yiliang Ding

Title: "In vivo RNA structure profiling: A transformative platform reveals a new way to regulate gene expression"
Yilang works on RNA structure in post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression utilising multidisciplinary approaches spanning biology, chemistry and bioinformatics.

John Innes Centre 16th May

Vera Silva (Al Jamal lab)
Title: “Copper” that Tirapazamine: from liposomes to hypoxic cancer therapy

Hui Poi Goh (Mueller lab)
Title: "CXCL12 induced migration relies on specific signalling cascades in different cell lines"

UEA 23rd May
Queens 1.03

Professor Jane Clarke

Title: "Folding and Misfolding in Multidomain Proteins"
Jane is Professor of Molecular Biophysics in the Chemistry Department of the University of Cambridge. Her research is multidisciplinary, combining single molecule and ensemble biophysical techniques with protein engineering and simulations to investigate protein folding, misfolding and assembly.

University of Cambridge 6th June
Julian Study Centre lecture theatre

Grace Walden (Saeed Lab)
Title: “Injectable delivery platform for cells and protein. A new therapeutic approach for tendinopathy treatment”

and Dr Sheng Qi
“What I’ve learnt from children on how to do research”

UEA 13th June
ZICER 2.03

Dr Helen Wilcock

Helens research is focused on the tailoring of polymer properties by control over their architecture and the synthesis of stimuli-responsive polymer particles for biomedical applications.

University of Loughborough 20th June
ZICER 2.03

Cholpon Rustem (Qi Lab)
Title: “Delivery System of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient”

and Qiran Sheng (Waller lab)
Title: "Studying non-canonical nucleic acid structures: a calixarene approach"


27th June
Queens 1.03


Drug development to Cross Biological Barriers – open to all (free event)

DNA TRAP – Workshops on Drug Development to Cross Biological Barriers – Lead by Dr. Grant Wheeler and Dr. Chris Morris of the UEA Schools of Biology and Pharmacy. If you are interested in attending this event then please contact Zoe at in the first instance to book a place. More info here.

  30th June to 1st July 2016
Dr Chris Hamilton
Title: “PhFarmaceutical Ventures with Garlic polysulfides”
UEA 4th July
Queens 1.03

Dr Ross Stewart
MedImmune, Cambridge

“Immune Checkpoint Inhibition – Building on Clinical Promise Through Preclinical and Translational Science”

UEA 11th July

Autumn Semester 2016-17

Associate Professor Elena Adinolfi
Title: The P2X7 receptor: oncogene or oncosuppressor?
University of Ferrara, Italy 12th September
Queens 1.03, 12 noon
Oliver Cartwright (Searcey lab) Title: 'From ultrapotent cytotoxin to Homing Missile'
Shirley Mills (Mueller lab) Title: Manipulating Chemokine Signalling to Prevent Metastasis

19th September
Queens 1.03, 12 noon

Dr James Wilkinson, Nanotemper
Title: Biomolecular interaction analysis by microscale thermophoresis
UEA 10th October
ZICER 2.03, 12 noon
Muayyad Al-Shinnayin (Searcey/Howell labs)
Title: TBC
Serena Monaco (Khimyak/Angelo labs)
Title: TBC
UEA 17th October
Queens 1.03, 12 noon
Professor Eamonn Kelly,
Title: Mu opioid receptors and the idea of ligand bias
University of Bristol 24th October
Queens 1.03, 12 noon
Takahiro Noro (visiting student in Ganesan Lab) Title: TBC
Susana Campos (Khimyak/Angelo labs) Title: TBC
UEA 31st October
Queens 1.03, 12 noon

Prof Anant Paradkar
Title: Pharmaceutical crystal and particle engineering and manufacturing

Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science, University of Bradford 2nd November
Queens 1.03, 1pm
Dr Lisa Chakrabarti,
Title: Investigating the role of mitochondria in ageing and neurodegeneration
University of Nottingham 14th November
Queens 1.03, 12 noon

Xin Liao (Saeed lab)

"Toward the Development of Cationic-based siRNA Delivery System as a New Therapeutic Approach for Advanced Tendinopathy Treatment"

Emma Gould (Hamilton lab)
"Garlic-derived polysulfides: Biochemical mode of action and application for green insecticides"

UEA 21st November
Queens 1.03, 12 noon
Professor Andrew Wilson
Title: Adventures in Non-Covalent
Chemistry: From Self-Assembly to
Protein Surface Recognition"
Deputy Director, Astbury Centre for Structural
Molecular Biology, University of Leeds
28th November
EFRY 01.02, 12 noon
Professor Jane Portlock
Title: “Pharmacy Education - the best way to teach "Generation Me"?"
University of Portsmouth 5th December
Queens 1.03, 12 noon
Dr Tobias Gruber
Title: TBC
School of Pharmacy, University of Lincoln

12th December
Queens 1.03, 12 noon

UEA/University of Sao Paolo Research Symposium 2015

Monday 2nd November




USP talk - Monica Tallarico Pupo
“Deciphering the role of microbial natural products in symbiotic systems”

ARTS 2.02


USP talk - Sâmia Regiane Lourenço Joca
"Atypical neurotransmitters and the neurobiology of depression: evidence from preclinical models"

ARTS 2.02

Tuesday 3rd November




USP talk - Fernando Batista Costa
Metabolomics and chemoinformatic methods in natural products chemistry

Centrum G01

Wednesday 4th November




USP talk - Renata Fonseca Vianna Lopez
“Innovative strategies for enhancing topical drug delivery”

ARTS 3.01


2015 speakers

Emma Kirkham and Phillip Wright

“Factors affecting lithium prescribing”

UEA February 20th 2015
Dr. Ali Ryan Kingston University March 6th 2015
Post-Grad Seminars:  Carl Webster and Karol Nartowski UEA March 13th 2015
Dr. Shailesh Mistry Monash University March 20th 2015
Dr. Kenneth Harris Cardiff University April 17th 2015


Dr. Aylin Hanyaloglu

Imperial College

December 5th 2014
SCI 0.31

Dr. Cate Whittlesea

Durham University

November 28th 2014
SCI 0.31

Dr. Robert Nibbs

University of Glasgow

November 14th 2014
SCI 0.31

Dr. Grant Churchill

University of Oxford

October 31st 2014
SCI 0.31

Dr. Andrew Tobin

“Targeting G-protein coupled receptors in neurodegeneration”

University of Leicester

October 17th 2014
SCI 0.31

Dr. Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer

"Sleep and Health: Pharmacology of the Sleep-Wake Cycle"

University of Surrey

September 26th 2014
SCI 0.31

Dr. Stephane LeFrancois

University of Montreal

September 15th 2014
Lecture Theatre 2

Past research events

  • Pharmacy Research Day 2014.
  • Seminar:  Dr Bruce Winney (University of Oxford).  "Where do we come from and why does it matter - genetic population structure in the UK"
  • Seminar:  Professor Laurence Hurley (University of Arizona).  "DNA acting like RNA as molecular switches in cells"
  • Seminar:  Dr Sylvain Ladame (Imperial College).  "Targeting nucleic acids with engineered Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) conjugates: diagnostic and therapeutic applications".
  • Seminar:  Professor Masahiro Sokabe
    (Department of Physiology, Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University, Japan).  "The versatile roles of actin cytoskeletons in mechanosensation".
  • Seminar:  Professor John Weinman (Kings College London).  "Taking the treatment: How can health psychology help?".
  • Seminar:  Prof Richard Taylor (University of York).  Royal Society of Chemistry Open Lecture: "Adventures in Natural Product Synthesis".
  • 2nd BSI Early Careers Inflammation and Immunology Symposium.
  • Seminar:  Dr Stuart Mundell (School of Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Bristol).  "Mind the GAPP - linking G protein-coupled receptor function to mild bleeding disorders". 
  • Seminar: Dr Yuichi Masuda (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University, Japan).  "Structural analyses of bioactive peptides using solution and solid-state NMR".
  • Seminar: Professor Rob Field (John Innes Centre).  "Exploring technologies: carbohydrate materials to algal natural products". 

Past Community Events