Details of the latest Pharmacy events Details of the latest Pharmacy events

The School of Pharmacy hosts a wide range of events from research seminars at the UEA to in-school events around the country. 

School of Pharmacy Research Seminar Series 2017

All seminars are at noon unless otherwise stated.

Monday 13th February
Speaker: Dr Petra Czarniak
School of Pharmacy Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Title: TBC
Venue: JSC 1.03

Friday 24th February – 2pm
Speaker: Professor James Tucker
University of Birmingham
Title: Functional Derivatives and Analogues of Nucleosides and Nucleic Acids
Venue: ARTS 2.01 @ 2pm

Monday 27th February
Speaker: Dr Derek Warren (PHA)
Title: Smooth muscle cell mechanosensing - How hard are your arteries?
Venue: Queens 1.03

Monday 6th March
Speaker: Muayyad Al-shinayyin (Searcey lab)
Title: Towards the soild phase synthesis of Vancomycin
Venue: ZICER 2.03

Monday 20th March
Speaker: Professor Hidetoshi Tokuyama hosted by Professor Ganesan
Title: New Strategies and Tactics for Synthesis of Architecturally Complex Alkaloids
Venue: Queens 1.03

Monday 27th March
Speaker: Dr Laurent Lacroix
Title: G4 hunter: a new tool to search for G4-quadruplex sequences
Venue: Queens 1.03

Monday 17th April
Speaker: Dr Stephen Robinson (BIO)
Venue: Queens 1.03

Monday 24th April
Speaker: Professor Ray Pierce, hosted by Professor Ganesan
Title: TBC
Venue: ZICER 2.03

Monday 8th May
Speaker: Carys Thomas (Ganesan lab) and Mahmoud Abdelhamid (Waller lab)
Title: TBC
Venue: SCI 0.31

Monday 15th May
Speaker: Dr Paola Arimondo
Title: Targeting DNA methylation with non-nucleoside inhibitors in cancer cells: combining chemistry and biology
Venue: Queens 1.03

Monday 22nd May
Speaker: Steve Howard – Future of Pharmacy speaker
Title: Staying afloat in turbulent times’
Venue: ARTS 2.02

Monday 5th June
Speaker: Gerald Keil (Mueller lab) and Matthew Felgate (Sanderson)
Title: TBC
Venue: Queens 1.03

Monday 12th June
Speaker: Dr Amalia Estrada (Morris lab) and Nina Kostevsek (Al-Jamal lab)
Title: TBC
Venue: SCI 0.31

Monday 19th June
Speaker: TBC
Title: TBC
Venue: Queens 1.03

Monday 26th June
Speaker: Dr Anastasia Sobolewski (PHA)
Title: TBC
Venue: ZICER 2.03

Tuesday 26th September (11am)
Prof. Giuliano Clososki (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sao Paulo-Ribeirao Preto, Brazil)
Title: Selective Functionalization of Aromatic and Heteroaromatic Compounds of Medicinal Interest
Venue: Julian Study Centre 3.02

Tuesday 26th September (4-5pm)
Prof. Serge Perez (Department of Molecular Pharmacochemistry, CNRS-University Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France).
Title: Popular Glycoscience: Building, Seeing and Playing with Complex Carbohydrates
Venue: SCI 0.31

Monday 9th October
Grace Walden
Marco Cominetti
Title: From the investigation of P2X4 inhibitors to a new ring contraction reaction
SCI 0.31

Monday 16th October
Christopher Turner
Title: Doing more with less in the education of pharmacy students.
Venue: Queens 1.03

Monday 23rd October
Saurabh Prabhu
Title: "Determining the mechanism of action of potential anti-cancer indoles towards glioma treatment"
James Harvey
Title: "Click Chemistry - the manipulation of 1,2,3-Triazoles & the "Click" reaction"
Venue: SCI 0.31

Monday 6th November
Dr Francesca Giuntini (Liverpool)
Title: Porphyrin-based sensing tools for monitoring oxygen tension in protein scaffolds
Venue: SCI 0.31

Wednesday 22th November
Dave Sandham (Novartis)
Title: Discovery of novel DP2 receptor antagonists for treatment of asthma: case history of fevipiprant
Venue: SCI 0.31



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