Details of the latest Pharmacy events Details of the latest Pharmacy events

The School of Pharmacy hosts a wide range of events from research seminars at the UEA to in-school events around the country. See our past speakers here.

School of Pharmacy Research Seminars 2020

All seminars start at NOON

13th January - SCI 0.31
Dr Ralf Zwacka - University of Essex
“From chemo- to cell therapy for cancer”

20th January - SCI 0.31
Dr Michael Grey - HSC (UEA)
"Can sport lead to dementia?"

27th January - SCI 0.31
Miss Noelia Dominguez Falcon (Saeed Group, UEA)
"Applications of tissue engineering approaches for tendon regeneration and repair"
& Mr Jehad Nasereddin (Qi Group, UEA
"Making drugs printable: understanding the processability of pharmaceutical materials by Fused Deposition Modelling"

3rd February - SCI 0.31
Dr Chris Hamilton - UEA
"Unearthing the hidden thiol pool in Bacillus subtilis....and now it helped a diabetic dodge his statins"

17th February - Lecture Theatre 4
Dr Rianne Lord - UEA Chemistry
"Metal anticancer complexes: the complexity of coordination compounds as drug candidates"

24th February - SCI 0.31
Sathuwarman Raveenthiraraj (Sobolewski Group) & Kumud Kantilal (Bhattacharya Group)
“Macrophages regulate colonic crypt renewal”
“Building realist programme theories for interventions to support self-management in people living with cancer”

2nd March - Arts 01.01
Philip Schuler (Ganesan Group) and Christopher Marriott (Searcey Group)
“Investigating fungal metabolism through chemical biology”
“Design and synthesis of natural product-like small molecule inhibitors of an essential bacterial enzyme”

9th March - Arts 01.01
Dr Anton Muravev
Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry (Kazan, Russia)
"Design and supramolecular properties of calixarene macrocycles"

6th March - Arts 01.01
Dr John Brazier
University of Reading
"Metal complex binding to different DNA structures"

23rd March - Lecture Theatre 4
Dr Hannah Family
Universtiy of Bristol
Title TBC

30th March - Lecture Theatre 3
Prof Karen Edler
University of Bath
Title TBC

6th April - Lecture Theatre 4
Dr Sylvestre Bonnet
Leiden University
Title TBC

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