Excellent career prospects Excellent career prospects

Career prospects for pharmacists are excellent. In many areas of the UK, including East Anglia, there remains a shortage of pharmacists. There will be many excellent opportunities in community, primary care, hospital and industrial pharmacy for students graduating with a pharmacy degree from UEA. Pharmacists can expect to command competitive salaries and there are great opportunities for career progression.

Throughout the MPharm course, students will have the opportunity to assess where their professional interests lie and to establish links with different sectors where they might hope for future employment. MPharm students will be given opportunity to develop their own areas of interest and expertise as well as covering the core requirements of a pharmacy degree. The School has tailor designed our unique PHA Mentoring Programme for our MPharm students. Students signed up to the programme will be provided with one-to-one mentoring by our Alumni graduates who have a rich working experience across a wide range of different pharmacy career paths.

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