Music Scholarship Holder Profiles 2017-18 Music Scholarship Holder Profiles 2017-18

Please find below bios written by our current and previous Music Scholarship holders. Click on each name to find out more about the students and learn how they have benefited from their awards.

UEA Music Scholarship Holders Profiles UEA Music Scholarship Holders Profiles

Olivia Crane (EDU) - Soprano

Photo of Olivia Crane

My name is Olivia Crane and I’m studying BA Education for three years at university and hoping to progress onto the PGCE course. My main instrument is voice and I love to sing jazz, power ballads, thought provoking pieces, musical theatre and playing/ singing acoustically whilst I ‘dabble’ on my guitar. I’ve sung since a young age and have been in musicals, performed at the royal Norfolk show several times as well as performing in big events that have occurred in Norwich over the last few years; e.g., the lord mayors festival. Before attending University, I used to be a part of a music development programme at the Garage in Norwich, which allowed me to grow in confidence and gave me so many opportunities to show what I can do. Although I miss this programme and the people dearly, my Monday evenings have changed by attending the UEA Choir. Before luckily receiving my scholarship status I didn’t know of the UEA choir, but I understood that after my audition is was something that was required of a scholarship holder, I was a bit dubious at first as classical music is something I have never really sung, but I love it SO much. Being a part of choir has made me realise how much I really can do with my voice, and has helped train me to have more control over my voice and breathing. Having a scholarship has been fantastic, as it has allowed me to take singing lessons, be a part of a music society meeting new people and to improve as a musician. Singing is a wonderful art and I have always been so absorbed by creative arts; I look forward to more opportunities that arise from my scholarship years at UEA.

Ivo Garnham (HUM) -Trumpet

Photo of Ivo Garnham

My name is Ivo and I am currently on a humanities foundation year at UEA, but will be moving on to start my degree in Politics and Economics in September. Although originally beginning my musical career on the cornet aged just 6 years old, I now tend to play trumpet more often. I also dabble in baritone horn from time to time. Throughout my life, I have seized every musical opportunity that has presented itself to me, playing with a variety of groups and ensembles. I particularly enjoy big band music as it always provides a new challenge and often allows me to demonstrate the full potential of my instrument. In contrast, I tend to prefer pieces of a more classical style when playing solo. As well as this, I take pride in my extremely low vocal range by singing bass with the UEA choir. I am extremely grateful for the UEA music scholarship programme as it has allowed my musical skills to further flourish and through the Music Society and wider department, I have made many close friends.

Verity Hodgson-Bajoria (LDC) - Violin

My name is Verity and I am studying a bachelor's in Drama. I have been playing music since I was 4 years old when I picked up a violin for the first time. Since then I have played the violin, piano, guitar and sung in ranging ensembles and orchestras and have also been a member of the folk ensemble The Northumbrian Ranters. The music award has allowed me to continue my love of music despite no longer taking it as a subject, and the skills that I gain through music can be applied to my course and my daily life. It has also allowed me to play in the UEASO. 

Olivia Jermy (LDC) - Soprano

Photo of Olivia Jermy

Hi, I'm Liv and I am currently in my first year studying English Literature and Drama and trying to make the most of the music life at the UEA! After a 7 year break from music and exams (I still sang in the shower!!) I have picked it all back up again and now working towards my Grade 8 Music Theatre exam, as well as my Grade 8 Clarinet exam. I'm currently a part of the UEA Chamber Choir and the Concert Band as well as having Music Theatre, Clarinet and Classical singing lessons. I have a huge passion for music and wish to teach it in the future to people of all ages!

Amelia Louden (ENV) - Piano

I’m Amelia and I’m a foundation year Environmental Science student. I have been playing the piano since the age of 7 and passed my grade 8 piano with merit in July 2016. I enjoy performing solo and my favourite composers are Rachmaninoff, Chopin and Brahms. I also love to play as part of an ensemble or as an accompanist; in school I played piano in the show band for the show “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. I am looking forward to the exploring different genres and eras in music during my time at UEA and the opportunity to play with other musicians.

Lucy Nichols (MTH) - Soprano

Photo of Lucy Nichols

Hello, I'm Lucy and I'm currently studying a BSc in Mathematics. I've been performing on stage and singing since the age of 7, soon after I moved away from Norfolk and down to Devon. Throughout secondary school I performed in many of the school shows, including playing Young Cosette in Les Miserables, and Kim in Miss Saigon, whilst doing singing lessons to pass the grades. A couple of years ago I achieved my grade 8 distinction for Soprano voice. I'm very grateful for the scholarship here, as it means I can continue singing lessons, and take up the saxophone. I'm part of both the Music Centre choirs, as well as two a Capella groups in the university, and I have also recently become President of the Opera Society. In the future I'd love to learn more instruments, and it would be amazing to take an A Capella group on a performance tour.

Izaak Stanley (MED) - Flute

Photo of Izaak Stanley

“Hello!” My name is Izaak and I am currently studying the foundation year of my Medicine with a Foundation Year degree. Besides studying medicine, I play the flute, saxophone and bassoon (each to grade 8 level) and enjoy singing. I have performed at various locations including 10 Downing Street and Twickenham Stadium, and loved being a student at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Junior Conservatoire for 5 years, where I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Principal’s Prize. I also sing as a tenor with the Great Western Chorus of Bristol, and have been lucky enough to twice win a gold medal with them at the British Association of Barbershop Singers national convention. Being a ‘fresher’, I am only just realising the amount of musical opportunities available to me here at UEA, and I am really excited to now be a part of the UEASO and the Chamber choir. I look forward to getting heavily involved within the music department, and meeting loads of great people!